Consequences Of Riding Motorcycles Without A License

This blog has written quite a few articles about the subject of motorcycles before. As a matter of fact, it has been decided that no more time would be expanded on this subject any further.

But, do you know that the issue of motorcycles have become a national problem?

Like ah longs, drug addicts and ‘illegal gambling? The above contention does not belong to me.

I am merely quoting a reader of the Star newspaper, a Mr. Ganesh Balakrishnan of Seremban. The above reader recently wrote in to the Star lamenting, mat Rempits must Be Stopped. He further adds, any further delay in arresting the ‘mat rempit’ or illegal racing problem will cost the country and the people dearly.

The above call has injected an impetus in this writer to decide upon writing a further article on the subject of motorcycles. Today’s article however, is not about mat rempit or illegal motorcycle racing, a scourge facing Malaysia today. Today’s article infact is about the The Consequences of Riding Motorcycles without a Valid License.

I believe the motorcycle is one of man’s greatest and most valuable inventions. However, one should not misuse it. But do not get me wrong. Riding a motorcycle, can be a very dangerous act indeed.

Under the Road Transport Act (RTO) 1987, it is explicitly stated that no one is allowed to handle a motorized vehicle without a valid license. It violates Section 26(1) of the above Ordinance.

Besides the above, the public should also be informed that any person, who is under the age of 16, and is found riding a motorcycle, has indeed committed a very serious traffic offence.

Just recently, I witnessed an extremely shocking incident. I was in reality appalled with what I saw. At the 5th mile Kampung Jawa Road, Klang, a young motorcyclist, hardly no more than 8 years old, was riding a motorcycle on the main road!

Amongst other things that this writer observed, was that the young rider:
i. Was riding shirtless.
ii. Was not donning a helmet as required.
iii. Was obviously too young to be allowed to ride motorcycle at such a tender age.
iv. By riding the motorcycle, the young rider was infact not covered by insurance at all.

Such bizarre incidences unfortunately, can only take place in the kampong or village areas. Not in the towns and cities.

This had led the writer to conclude that the poorer and lesser educated strata of our village or kampong society are ignorant of the country’s laws. Or that, they possess a laisez faire attitude towards the dangers of riding motorcycles without licenses.

There exists a contention amongst insurance circles, that to ride a motorcycle without a valid license, is in reality riding with no insurance coverage at all.

Do the parents of young motorcycle riders of 8 years or less, realize what will happen if the boy meets with an accident and is killed eventually? The young rider would then have died ala mati katak. Or in plain English, a senseless death. The boy referred to is not entitled to any form of a insurance claims at all!

Parents and families should think about this seriously. This blog writer hopes parents who permit their young children to ride motorcycles without a valid license, are indeed doing a disservice to their children.

They can be likened to providing a license which edges towards their children’s demise. This is indeed a frightening thought.
Therefore to all parents out there in the kampongs or villages, ponder ever carefully what I have reiterated in this article. And stop your young children riding your motorcycles NOW!

Your children are still young. They have the opportunity to grow up to become useful men and women of our society. But only if you fail your duty correctly as a responsible parent. And if you fail your duty expected of you, you will infact be sending your children to their graves early instead. You would then have failed in discharging your duties.

How can such a problem be addressed?

Without a doubt, the issue of riding motorcycles by underaged boys is a problem that is going to be difficult to overcome. Like the mat rempit or illegal racing problem, we have to face the fact that it has now become a national scourge.

Some of the steps that can ideally be followed are:-
i. Concerted efforts by Penghulus (Village Chiefs) and other community leaders including teachers be garnered to arrest this problem be evolved

The above mentioned people, such as penghulus, community leaders and teachers can play an important role. Young children caught in the act of riding a motorcycle illegally, should be reprimanded severely. Talks should be held periodically to advise young people regarding this dangerous habit.

ii. The police authorities and Road Transport Department Personnel should step the onslaught against young underaged persons who attempt to ride motorcycles illegally

The police, as well as the JPJ or Road Transport Department officers rarely conduct operations in villages and kampong areas. This blog suggests that in future, such measures be taken to stem out these unwarranted activities of motorcycle riding by underaged riders.

iii. Stern measures should be taken against parents who allow their underaged children to ride motorcycles

The present fines and penalties imposed upon wrongdoers appear to be too lenient. Heavier fines should be imposed. Underaged riders who commit such crimes, should be sent to juvenile courts and thence sent to remedial schools for retention. Their machines should then be confiscated.

Parents should themselves be fined and sent to prison if the need arises. Of course, our country’s laws will first have to be alteres if such drastic actions are to be atken. But the point is, can such suggestions be implemented? Will the government even consider then at all in the first place?

It all boils down to whether we want to do it or otherwise. As the saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s always a way.

iv. Ban underaged riders from getting a license for life

Underaged riders who ride motorcycles illegally, should be banned for life in trying to secure a motorcycle license or for that matter, any form of driving license in the future. This, I believe, will be a strong deterent in preventing illegal riding of motorcycles by the young and underaged riders. My suggestion might appear to be harsh. But it has to be implemented. We do not have any other alternative left.

The above represents some of me suggestion to rid our country with regards to eliminating of the perpetual problem of riding motorcycles either underaged or without a valid riding license. As the popular saying goes, spare the rod or spoil the child. Which does the authorities, the police, the RTD or the government wish to yield, is entirely up to them! The ball, as they say , is now in their court!

Finally, the tourists who visit our country and witness the dangerous acts of our underaged riders riding motorcycles on our roads and the dangerous antics of our illegal racers, may discourage others from visiting our country. Such people may identify our country, Malaysia as being unsafe. Such a feeling cannot totally be denied. Some of us are already feeling this way when we travel on our roads these days.

We have come to a stage, whereby it is no longer a joy to drive on our roads any longer. Believe it or not, it has become extremely Dangerous!

This article would like to end by appealing to those responsible to stop the mat rempit menace and the riding of motorcycle illegally by young, underaged riders!

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  1. Michael May 6, 2014 at 11:41 am - Reply

    I have a Malaysia class B2 license that has expired for more than 30 years. Would I be able to have the license renewed automatically or will I have to resit for the test. I have class 3 motorcar license. Thank you for a short reply.

  2. Michael May 6, 2014 at 11:54 am - Reply

    I think i know the answer.. thanks. This is a great blog.

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