24 Things You Have To Know When Riding A Motorcycle

Some important things about motorcycles you ideally ought to be aware:

1. You can obtain a B2 motor license upon reaching the age of 16.

2. You can also obtain a B Full (Superbike) license at 16 also.

3. B2 license allows a person to ride a motor up to 250c.c. capacity only.

4. 251c.c. to 500c.c. bikes requires one to get a B1 license.

5. If you already have a D (car) license and you want to get a B2 license, you are then exempted from sitting the Undang-undang or the Highway Code.

6. Should be in possession of a B1 license, and you intend to secure a B Full (500c.c.) license, you will not be required to attend the 6 Hour Theory class to get a B Full license out.

7. The obstacle “bridge” during practical tests conducted by the JPJ must be crossed in no less than 7 seconds.

8. B2 riders possessing “L” license can ride motorcycles by hanging “L” plates infront and at the back of their bikes.

9. “L” plates riders cannot “ferry” passengers on their bikes.

10. All motorcycles should put on their front head lamps and tail lights while riding their machines, day and night.

11. Motorcycle riders have to wear safety helmets while riding.

12. When wearing helmets, it is an offence not to strap your helmets properly.

13. Not having your riding license with you as you ride your bike, is also an offence.

14. Beating the “red” traffic light on a motorbike also represents an “offence”. You can be fined as much as RM300 for it.

15. Sit or ride a motorbike adopting the “straddle” method. Carry a pillion rider with legs hanging besides motorcycle is also not allowed.

16. All motorcycles should have both the right and left hand handle mirrors at all times.

17. “Half helmets” are banned in this country. A police can arrest you if you wear one of them. However, such “helmets” are very popular in America!

18. Wearing ‘slippers” and not shoes, represents an offence too.

19. Ideally, riders are advised to wear “jeans” and “leather jackets” when riding.

20. Riding motorcycles without valid licenses or “road taxes” are also disallowed.

21. A driving license that has been allowed to lapse more than 3 years will automatically be disqualified.

22. Illegal racing by motorcyclists or “merempit” motor contraverse Section 81 of the Road Transport Act 1987. It is a RM 2000 fine. You can also have your license disqualified too.

23. Organising illegal motorcycle races also is against Section 81 of the RTO 1987 too.

24. Also, “spectators” of illegal races can also be charged under the above act as well.

Have a glance at the above 24 or so tips that this writer has given before you enter the computer exam hall. Hopefully, they will go a long way in assisting you pass the Highway Code test, thus reducing the “laments” from readers to this blog post.

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  1. Alex Wong May 2, 2012 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    Hi Cikgu Yap,

    Hope you are still around to answer questions.
    If i want to drive for 3 days in Italy with Malaysian DL, can?
    Any idea abt US license?


    Alex Wong

    • Cikgu Yap May 5, 2012 at 8:47 am - Reply

      If only for 3 days, use your domestic Malaysian license. Same applies to driving in the USA.

  2. Sing October 4, 2012 at 9:51 am - Reply

    Hi Cikgu

    I already owned a class D license for almost 10 years already and now I am thinking of riding a scooter, Do I need a class B2 license?

    if so, Do I need to take the whole class and exam or I can just go and convert it? what are the procedures?


    • Cikgu Yap October 5, 2012 at 10:38 pm - Reply

      Attend 6 hour theory course for B2, then get out L license. You’re exempted from Highway Code.

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