Toyota Motors Set To Recall 270,000 Cars Worldwide

A few months ago, Toyota Motors recalled vehicles for roll over symptoms on its luxury model Lexus SUV GX460.

It has been reported in Tokyo, Toyota Motors will soon be recalling a total of 270,000 vehicles worldwide because of an engine fault. Its luxury cars, Lexus and Crown are reported to be among those to be recalled. This would indeed be a blow to Toyota’s renowned reputation the world over.

What seems to be affecting Toyota cars this time around? According to Toyota sources, faulty springs in certain engines are reported to possibly lead to affected vehicles stopping while the vehicle is in operation.

Toyota intends to make recalls after submitting recall notice to the Japanese Transport Ministry soon. A total of some 90,000 units in Japan alone and 180,000 overseas are expected to be recalled in the current exercise.

According to a Toyota spokesperson, Mr. Ririko Takeuchi, the automaker giant is set to recall overseas vehicles according to each individual country’s regulations. Details for the above recall would only be made at a later stage.

Defective parts in the valve springs can result in creating abnormal noise or when the engine is idling. In a worst scenario, the engine could even stop, said spokesperson, Takeuchi.

If readers remember well, Toyota Motors have been faced with a few recalls worldwide since a few months ago. Toyota’s latest announcement comes after criticisms were made against the carmaker over its previous recalls in the United States which have been said to have caused numerous deaths.

The company’s latest problem, the defective 4.6 litre V8 and 3.5 litre V6 engines have been installed in 8 of its models including hybrid ones. Models such as Lexus GS350, GS450h, GS460, IS350, LS460, IS600h and IS600hL and some Crown series as well.

However, the automaker has said that it has yet to receive any reports pertaining to accidents or injuries related to the said issue.

The latest recall will obviously affect Toyota’s worldwide reputation as a whole as it affects its Lexus brand, which incidentally is a luxury class by itself.

The recalls have caused some damage to Toyota’s image. It has happened to Toyota’s most luxurious models and customer’s confidence in the company would certainly have been shaken.

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