Chevron Road Markings – What Are They?

Many motorist are unaware regarding chevron. As to whether it’s a French or Latin word is uncertain. But it’s function is to “channel” traffic flow, especially in town areas, as we ascend bridges and “flyovers” or “overhead bridges”. Even along major highways.

I remember quite vividly, a friend, while speeding away out of Batang Kali town, being surpringsingly “flagged” down by a traffic police. The driver, being a “P” driver obviously was unaware why he was stopped.

He had in fact driven across a Chevron area!

Turning to me, sitting next to him, he enquired, “Did I do anything wrong?”

Being a “penceramah” or lecturer for the Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu (K.P.P.) course or the Highway Code lecture for over 40 years now, my answer was definitely “Yes”.

You see, my friend had encroached into a “chevron” area, intended to channel traffic flow. And to make the story short, it is an offense!

Many drivers do not know this. Except me of course.

How my friend and me managed to wriggle out of the above situation, is best not to be divulged here. As the saying goes, “somethings are better left untold”.

Now you might want to know what are chevrons for exactly. First as explained earlier, to channel traffic flow. Second, these designated areas are for “broken down” vehicles.

Traffic police and wardens can push such vehicles into these areas so as to avoid traffic congestion or jams.

Do you get it? Hopefully so!

In short, chevrons are actually some form of jam avoiding device, so important to traffic police nowadays.

Besides, chevron areas which you are advised to stay clear off, as a driver you are also advised to not park your vehicles in certain areas too.

Park you vehicles 3 meters from a hydrant. Likewise, a bus stops too, 9 meters away.

Junctions and corners too are dangerous. Park 9 meters away also. Double lines and single straight white lines are also out of your domain.

And finally the notorious Yellow line painted 12 inches from the road shoulder also denotes “No Parking”, just in case you are unaware.

So much for chevron and other no parking places you ought to know.

Finally, why were my friends and me speeding away out of Batang Kali town when stopped by the traffic police? Well, we were heading towards the Genting Highlands holiday resort.

The police warden at the chevron area won. He caught us committing a traffic offence, didn’t he? So, all drivers beware, Do not do what we did!

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