Arissto Bread Review – Is The Premium Bread Worth It?

They call it the Arissto bread revolution!

I call it premium pastries.

Premium croissant to be exact.

Arissto bread

The above is a picture of the box of Arissto premium bakery I ordered from Lazada.

The Arissto Bakery was recommended to me by my sister-in-law.

She told me it was one of the best pastry she has ever had.


What’s all the hype?

It’s just pastry.

My sister-in-law told me the croissant from Arissto has a crispy outer layer and soft inner layer.

OK, I’ll try it.

I want to let my kids try them because they love pastry.

Baking guideline

What is Arissto Bakery unique selling proposition (USP)?

It is the ingredients of the pastry.

Not what’s inside of it, their USP is what’s NOT inside each piece of pastry.

Each piece of Arissto pastry has:

  • No artificial butter
  • No artificial oxidising agent
  • No artificial dough conditioner
  • No hydrogenated oil
  • No artificial colouring
  • No artificial syrup
  • No artificial preservatives

The ingredients used are all natural.

So far so good.

What are the types of pastry available?

From the product catalogue the choices are:

  • Butter croissant
  • Raspberry butter croissant
  • Matcha butter croissant
  • Coffee butter croissant
  • Glaze butter croissant
  • Black sesame butter croissant
  • Charcoal butter croissant
  • Cheese butter croissant
  • Lava butter croissant
  • Black gold croissant
  • Classic crescent
  • Raspberry crescent
  • Mini raspberry blooms
  • Mini charcoal blooms
  • Focaccia roll
  • Artisan baguette
  • Golden roti (half loaf)
  • Focaccia (half loaf)
  • Mini golden cake

My first order

For my first order of Arissto bakery, I chose 7 different types of croissant.

I actually placed my order on Lazada.

If I am not mistaken, there are Arissto bread voucher which you can get online.

But I have a few Lazada Wallet voucher which I wanted to use.

I have been accumulating a couple of Lazada vouchers because I have been doing a lot of online shopping due to the lockdown.

Premium bread

Above is a picture of the unboxing.

Before you consume the croissant, it is recommended to put it in the oven for 5 – 7 mins at 200° Celsius.

You can also pan fry it at medium to high heat for 5 mins.

If you have an air fryer, you can air fry it for 3 – 4 mins at 160° Celsius.

I decided to put the croissant in the oven because it is the easiest without any need for clean up.

Bread packages

What was the verdict?

Well, both my daughters absolutely love the Black gold croissant.

When I cut the croissant in half, the hot chocolate filling oozes out.

It’s a real treat for them.

In fact, they were fighting over who should have the last piece.

So it is fair to say, my kids love the Arissto pastries.

If you are interested to try the Arristo premium pastry, you can get them from Lazada.

Click the link below to check out the offer.

Click here to visit Lazada

(Download the Lazada app on your smartphone to view the offer)

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