Driving School Malaysia Blog Readers Appreciation

More than 200 articles have been written since the Driving School Malaysia Blog began in April 2009. Irregardless whether you are aware or not, believe it or otherwise, this blog today is ranked number one in Google for the key phrase “driving school Malaysia”.

For this achievement, which was attained in about 4 months, credit should be accorded to my son, Will Yap. He is the sole administrator for the blog.

For this, permit me to quote Y.B. Lim Kit Siang, the Opposition Leader of Malaysia Parliament, who once said, “Without you (the people), there’s no me!”

For those who are educated in Mandarin medium, translate it. And you will get a fuller and richer meaning of the above phrase.

Once again, to my son, who has so untiredlessly and conscientiously typed in all my articles into the blog all these months, as a “father”, permit me to accord you, a very big thank you!

Words can never record my appreciation! Without you, my son, this blog, which has become an authority site pertaining to “all things regarding the driving schools in Malaysia” today could not have been achieved.

As the saying goes, the credit goes to you! Syabas and congratulations!

To tell you the truth, I have become the blog’s most ardent reader. Each and every day, I look forward most eagerly, to see what have been posted on the blog.

Not only to see the wonderful and superb “visuals” have which accompanied the daily articles, but also to read the comments by the readers.

This article is solely to express thanks to my son and all the readers of this blog.

Thank you!

‘Cikgu Yap

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