3 Key Components Of A Car To Be Replaced

A Few Things A Driver Has To Do Periodically

1) Servicing Your Air-con Unit.

If you’re lucky to own a new car, most probably your air-con unit would provide you good and cool service. But if you should own a 2nd hand vehicle, most probably you’ll have to service your air-con unit from time to time.

Special air-con gas would have to be filled into the system. The compressor, which is situated in the passenger compartment and underneath the dashboard, will most likely be clogged with dust.

With the passage of time, the jets of cool air spurting out of the compressor unit will slowly diminish. The only solution is to service the compressor unit and fill up the air-con gas. For this purpose, you’ll most likely require the service of a good air-con service personnel.

2) Servicing or replacing the air filter unit.

Some drivers are unaware their vehicles have an air filter unit. Our atmosphere, and the air we breathe into our system, is filled with minute dust and impurities. The vehicle’s carburetor unit or system functions with a combination of both fuel and air.

Air entering the carburetor, should ideally be clean and free from dust particles. Ridding the air of such impurities is the work of the air filter system of the car.

With the passage of time, the air filter system gets clogged up. It has to be serviced from time to time. Ideally, mechanics recommend, the air filter be replaced.

A period of 5 – 6 months is the recommended period of change. An original air filter of the vehicles models is recommended. This, according to mechanics, ensure the air filter’s microns will remain the same at the original air filter.

Such filters may be a bit more expensive. But in the long run, it tends to benefit the car’s performance eventually. Using a non-original unit, might creat problems eventually.

3) Servicing or replacing the fuel filter unit.

Some drivers may be unaware that the vehicle has what’s termed as the fuel filter unit. Fuel appears clear and free from impurities. In actual fact, it isn’t.

Tiny impurities present in the petrol can easily clog up the carburetor system or the electronic injection system.

When this happens, the vehicle will not idle well and smoothly. The engine begins to jerk. In worse situation, supply of fuel to the carburetor system is this restricted or cut off.

Insufficient fuel reaching the carburetor will result in the vehicle stalling. My advice to all drivers, ensure that fuel filter unit be changed periodically.

It actually does not cost very much. It’s price ranges from between RM10 – RM20 only.

A good driver who can take the trouble to insect the 3 important aspects of his vehicle, namely the air-con system, the fuel filter unit and also the air filter component will go a long way in ensuring his vehicle remains in tip-top condition.

It pays eventually. You’ll end up having a trouble free ride wherever you go. As the saying goes, “you’ll reap whatever you invest”.

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  1. yy July 7, 2012 at 11:17 am - Reply

    Hi Cikgu,

    I recently got a saman by post and the offense stated there is almost 2 months back saying tidal mematuhi isyarat lampu. No photo was attached with the notice. Can I know where I can get photo evidence for this saman because I didn’t remember any occurrence of this situation during that period. And is the compound RM300 be appealed to lower rate?


    • Cikgu Yap July 10, 2012 at 12:07 pm - Reply

      If in Selangor, visit the High Street police station for details. They should be able to assist you. Yes, you could try appealing for a lower rate.

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