Electrical Problem On My Perodua Kancil 660

When my 10 year old Perodua Kancil 660 developed starting problems one night, I suspected straight away that the problem was due to the battery.

Kancil cars have a very small battery. In fact, the Kancil due to its small size, its battery is not known to last very long either.

As I recall, this battery which was a waterless type costs around RM130. The battery had been used for over 12 months. And so, when signs developed very recently, I knew that the time had arrived for the battery to be replaced.

Early the next morning, a call was made to my usual electrical wireman about my problem. With less than 15 minutes, an assistant had arrived at my doorstep. He had already bought a new battery.

Preliminary checks on the condition of my Kancil confirmed that the battery had seen better times. As such, he advised that a new battery needed to be installed.

This time around, I had requested the shop to supply me with the old version of battery, in which distilled water needed to be filled. A little bit more troublesome perhaps but hopefully it would last slightly longer than the last one.

After installation of the new battery which took about 15 minutes, the young assistant used a battery measuring meter to ensure that the battery was being supplied with the correct amount of voltage. Tests carried out by him confirmed that the alternator was indeed working perfectly.

For your information, I would like to advise readers that modern day vehicles no longer used dynamos like the old days. Nowadays, new models of cars use alternator instead. An alternator charges the battery.

For the first few days after my Kancil was installed with a new battery, everything worked well. Starting was smooth and everything appeared to be in order.

On the 4th day however, it developed the same symptoms before the battery was replaced. The ignition switch could no longer crank well. A quick visit to the electrical mechanic’s shop discovered the problem this time around was the “starter” as the old one had gone kaput. The cost of a new starter came to a sum of RM180.

If you think the replacement of a new starter unit meant the end of my woes, you are sadly mistaken. Hardly one week had passed, the Kancil again developed unusual jerkings. The starter unit again gave problems.

This time around, I decided to visit my regular foreman Raman whose shop is situated at nearby Taman Sentosa. I wonder what sort of problem will pop up this time? Stay tuned, the answer will surprise you in my next article.

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