How To Take Good Care Of Your Vehicle’s Windscreen

Wipers seem to be the most neglected item of a car. Local wipers can cost anything from RM12 – RM20. Due to its low price, that’s probably the reason why most motorists fail to look after their wiper well. Better quality wipers can cost from RM40 – RM60.

In fact, wipers are important items of a car. Try driving in heavy downpour and you’ll know how important they are then.

On the other hand, windscreens, especially original ones, can be rather expensive to replace. But as motorists, how many realize that wipers can be the source for your windscreen getting spoilt.

Windscreens are supposed to provide drivers good and clear vision. Especially during the rain and at night. New cars have windscreen that provide the above service. That’s the reason why this article is being written, to help drivers look after their windscreens.

Most vehicles have wipers that provide 3 functions:

1) Intermittent wiping.

2) Slow wiping.

3) Fast wiping.

Older vehicles may have 2 functions only. It may not have intermittent function, which is for drizzle or light rain.

Slow and fast wiper function should not be a problem to many. As such, the above functions of a wiper should need no explanation here.

How does one keep his windscreen in tip-top condition?

Do remember, an original windscreen can cost anything from RM400 – RM600, plus workmanship. And remember also, nothing is better than the original, so they say.

First of all, permit me to state here that normally wipers are of 2 types.

i) Slot in replacement unit.

ii) Screwed in replacement unit.

In cases where you have the intention to replace your wipers yourself, determine which of the above, you vehicle belongs to.

How does one take care of his car wipers?

The steps are rather simple actually.

i) Do not use wipers on dry or dust covered windscreens. Always ensure you spray water first on the windscreen before beginning wiper functions. This is to eliminate your dry wipers scratching your windscreen.

ii) Worn or old wipers have rubber surfaces which are dry and scratchy. Change them fast. Using them will lead to your windscreen being scratched easily.

Once your windscreen is scratched, there is little salvation left for your windscreen. Scratches have been known to be hard to eliminate. In short, the only alternative is to replace it with a new windscreen.

At night, or during heavy rain, a badly scratched windscreen provides poor visibility and may even lead to accidents.

Some mechanics recommend putting in wiper solutions into the reservoir containing windscreen water. This solution is rather soapy in nature and may help the movements of wipers on your windscreen.

Taking care of your wipers and windscreen is not a difficult task after all. But do remember, changing a new windscreen for your vehicle is very expensive.

So my advice to all drivers is – do take care of your windscreen! You’ll not regret it.

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      When your license is converted to SA license, it’s no longer to renew your Malaysian license. Yes, SA license is usable here.

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