The Importance Of The Battery On Cars

Century! Bosch! What are these?

These are famous car batteries.

A good car battery is needed to start a car. Anyway, a strong car battery is an important item of the car itself. A good car battery can cost up to RM150.

When purchasing a battery, opt for the 12 volt type. It’s stronger, more powerful and should last longer. It also gives less problems.

In case you are unaware, a new battery is guaranteed for 1 year.

That means, if the battery gets spoilt within 1 year, the shopkeeper will replace you with a new battery. So, do keep your “Guarantee” card in a safe place. Who knows, you might need it one fine day.

There are many types of batteries available in the market. It’s better to opt for a 12 volt battery as I mentioned earlier.

How does one look after a battery? Actually, newer types of battery need no water at all. It is called Water Free battery.

Unlike the older types, no maintenance is required. In the later type of battery, it is necessary to look at the level of battery water inside it.

The Upper and Lower levels indicate the amount of water in the battery.

Do not allow the water to go below the lower level. This will eventually spoil the battery itself.

Some may like to learn what liquid should one use to fill up a battery.

Use battery water!

Battery water is obtainable from most spare parts shops around. It costs approximately RM1.50 – RM2.00.

Battery water is actually distilled water. Distilled water, it is believed, makes the battery lasts longer.

Some stubborn drivers do not seem to subscribe to this fallacy, they say. Permit me to relate you an interesting tale. A school teacher once told us, he fills his car battery with pipe water. And he has no problems with it.

How do you know when your battery system is becoming weak? My late father advised me a few things. Amongst them are:

1) The horn becomes weak. It becomes softer.

2) Starting a car becomes slightly more difficult.

3) The front lights appears to be dimmer (less bright)

Well, these are some of the signs indicating to you it’s about time to think of getting a new battery.

What do you actually do if one day, you find you cannot start your car? As a good driver, you actually should know a few basic things. Some good tips are:

1) You can “jump-start” your car. For this you need another (donor) car to supply the source of power.

2) “Push” start your car. Get a few friends or passersby to help.

The best solution would ideally be to get a new battery.

Final last 2 things to advise you regarding batteries.

1) They say automatic cars need a good strong battery to start. So beware, make sure your car battery remains in an excellent condition always.

2) Mechanic friends advise, to keep a battery last longer, learn this trick! Always ensure that you close your radio, turn off all the lights and so forth, rev your engine a few minutes before finally switching off the ignition key.

Believe me, they say it keeps the battery lasting longer! True or fallacy? Try it out yourself.

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  1. Emmanuel Eleanya September 24, 2010 at 9:31 pm - Reply

    Can a car designed to use a battery be driven without a battery i.e start the car with a battery and then disconnect it while the engine is on

    • Cikgu Yap September 28, 2010 at 9:05 pm - Reply

      Technically, a car that has been started with a battery, then has its battery source removed can still keep on running.

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