LPG Model To Boost Proton Sales In The United Kingdom

(Proton UK) has done tremendously well especially with the sale of Proton cars in the United Kingdom. It was recently reported that Proton UK has since 1989, sold about 150,000 Proton vehicles.

As a Malaysian, we sometimes wonder in amazement how a feat such as this can be achieved. Maybe, the saying “A prophet is never accepted in his own country”, holds some truth.

Proton models, such as Gen 2 1.6 litre ecoLogic, the Satria and the Gen 2 Persona models have all claimed fantastic sales.

Surprisingly, even the Savvy model, a Proton production, whose sales in Malaysia is nothing to shout about, based on the number of units that can be counted on the Malaysian road, surprisingly was reported to have dominated the British market this year.

Report announced 400 units of the Savvy models were sold this year alone. If one were to ask any Malaysian what they think of the Savvy model among the entire fleet of Proton cars, it is quite certain the Savvy would rank amongst the likes of the Proton Tiara.

But believe it or not, the Savvy, which Malaysians do not appear to fancy very much, is ranked as Britain’s “best selling” Proton models in the U.K. today.

One reason for the Savvy’s popularity among British people seems to be that the British loved small economical cars due to its fuel consumption and its low emission.

This article shall not continue to hold the Savvy in such high esteem, but instead inquire as to why has the Malaysian people not accorded this small vehicle such prestigious status as the British people had.

We have to admit one thing. Like it or not, we have failed to value a good car. As the saying goes, we have regarded the Savvy model which was truly a “gemstone” as an rough unpolished stone instead.

Alas, not all is lost. It’s not all too late either. If Proton (UK) has plans to modify the Savvy into dual-fuel models in the near future to run on either LPG or petrol in the wake of rising fuel prices, Proton (Malaysia) should also do likewise.

One should note that the Savvy model priced in U.K. for just under 8000 pound sterling, but with a 2000 pound discount under Britain’s scrappage scheme, the model will then become a very popular car to be owned by the British people.

Malaysian especially, Proton Malaysia should follow Proton (UK) footsteps. Promote the Savvy as it scrappage proposal scheme.

We too have a scrappage scheme for old cars over 10 years old. Old cars, it is said will be given a RM5000 discount. As already decided earlier, among the cars that can be exchanged under the scheme is the Savvy.

What we now have to do is to promote its sale vigorously. Besides this, Proton Malaysia should be the one responsible to convert this model into Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) models together with the use of petrol.

The vehicle may cost a little bit higher in price eventually.

Why is it suggested Proton Malaysia be the one doing the conversion?

The reasons are:

i) Proton Malaysia will possess the expertise to do the job.

ii) The LPG models will be converted as per stringent transport authority’s requirements.

iii) The public will, it is believed not mind paying for the conversion which currently costs anything from RM6000 – RM7000.

iv) Mass conversion will bring down the cost which can eventually be passed on to consumers.

Just imagine this, if a Savvy, which now costs say RM45,000. Minus the discount price of RM5000, leaving only RM40,000. Conversion of LPG kits by Proton Malaysia can be done at RM4000 approximately.

The general public has only to pay RM44,000 for a very economical new car, running on LPG. It’s going to be a hit!

Proton Malaysia, without a doubt, will certainly outdo Proton (UK) in making the Savvy as the best selling Proton model of cars in Malaysia in the very near future.

So, Proton Malaysia, please give serious consideration to this suggestion, before the fuel prices rise again soon.

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