The Importance Of Engine Oil For Cars

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The engine’s rapid movement causes “wear and tear”. To prevent this, lubrication of the engine is therefore extremely important.

Minute metal particles exist in the engine oil of lubricating oil. To remove these particles from the engine, we need to have an “oil filter”. That’s why, when drivers change engine oil, it’s suggested very strongly by mechanics that this small item, the oil filter, likewise is also replaced.

What’s the best engine oil in the market?

This is rather difficult to answer. It actually depends on the driver himself. Duckhams, Castrol, Petronas and Shell. The list goes on and on. Take your choice. If you know nothing much about them, don’t worry. Just leave the choice to your mechanic.

To talk about engine oil, we should mention about “viscosity”. Viscosity to the layman who knows little about oil, is actually “the slipperiness” of the lubricating oil itself.

So, when lubricating oil has just recently been changed, the driver normally feels his car “light” and supposedly more powerful. It feels to have more zest.

This is due to its viscosity.

But as time progresses, the vehicle loses some viscosity in its lubricating oil, and the power decreases.

That’s why around 5,000 – 10,000 km, it’s suggested a driver changes both his engine oil, at the same time, his oil filter as well. This action augurs well for the well being of a vehicle’s engine.

Auto mechanics swear that taking care of the engine’s lubricating oil, goes a long way towards ensuring the well being of a car.

A new car obviously will face little problems regarding engine oil. So, your duty is only to remember when the next oil change is. And as they say, send it for service then.

But those who happen to be using a 2nd hand vehicle, your duty then becomes more complex. If you happen to be lucky enough to have purchased a good, 2nd hand car, then “touch wood”, well and good.

If not, you actually have a few things to do regarding your engine oil.

You should actually see to it that your engine oil is sufficient or up to its proper levels. To do this, a driver has first to locate the dipstick. This item indicates the upper and lower levels of your car’s engine oil.

See that the engine oil reaches the upper level at all times. Top up the levels if and when necessary. For this, you’ll need a spare bottle of engine oil.

Engine oil has numbers. Previously, we have 10W to 50W. New cars normally use lower numbered Ws (viscosity) while older cars are recommended to use high Ws.

Talking about engine, we should in fact be talking about transmission or gear box oil also. Car nowadays have only front gear boxes only. The only thing you have to keep in mind regarding this oil is that it uses oil numbering 90W to 140W. We shall talk about it more in my later article.

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