The Radiator: How To Maintain It Well

Having explained in my previous post on the function of a car radiator, let’s now touch upon the topic of how to maintain it well.

A radiator is made of metal. Water fill it perpetually all the time. Rust develops. The radiator gets clogged up. Supply of water into the engine block gets blocked.

The radiator will eventually be overheated. The car temperature then rises. The car gets overheated.

So the first thing a driver has to do is ensure sufficient water in the radiator.

There is also a small plastic container that’s connected to the radiator. Make sure this contains approximately 70 – 80 % of water.

To function well, the radiator is closed tightly with a radiator cap. Spring and valves keep it almost air tight.

The driver is advised to inspect the radiator cap. Mechanics have been heard blaming this simple radiator cap for many a car’s temperature woes.

Besides this, make it a point to clear the rust in the radiator periodically. A good radiator specialist which you can talk and communicate would be of tremendous help.

Thick rubber hoses which connects the radiator to the engine block must also be inspected.

Old rubber hoses become brittle and develop leakages. Have them changed frequently. After all, they aren’t too expensive anyway.

Besides the above mentioned hoses, there are a number of smaller “rubber stoppers” here and there in the engine. These have also to be replaced from time to time. Remember, water leakages from the radiator appear to be your greatest enemy.

In short, keep the hoses and rubber stoppers in good condition always. You will have little or no problem at all regarding leaking radiators.

Some mechanics like to use “coolants” in radiators. They swear these green coloured liquids helps keep radiator cool.

Anyway, do remember a bottle of coolant can be rather costly. Anything from RM15 upwards.

A good mechanic friend recommended half a spoon of soap detergent put into the radiator does also the some trick.

But as water in the radiator gets murky and rusty over time, flush the radiator periodically yourself.

Get tips from friends on how to do this. But ensure the rubber stopper at the bottom of the radiator is closed tightly. Likewise also, to close the radiator cap properly to avoid any mishaps.

To be frank, the hundred and one things I wish to convey to you, will all come to naught, if you are not an observant, prudent driver.

While driving, a good driver should always remember to keep an eye on the dashboard. The speedometer, altimeter, the temperature and fuel meter, all require your careful observation.

The moment you suspect something is amiss, stop the car instantly and safely beside the road shoulder and investigate!

Contact you mechanic or better still the A.A.M. (Automobile Association of Malaysia).

By the way, when do you contemplate becoming a member?

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