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Providing Driving Refresher Courses To Drivers Holding P Licenses

Although I provide driving lessons to students who possess L licenses, nevertheless, from time to time, I do agree to conduct “refresher” courses for students who possess “P” or provisional licenses too. Some young drivers, who have just obtained their “P” license, discover that they are not competent enough to drive well. Parents, who are [...]

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Biography Of Mr. Chin Yon Hook – A Renowned Driving Instructor From Klang, Malaysia.

Highlighting One Of Klang Town Most Popular Driving School – Sekolah Memandu Sentosa My teachers used to advise me, if you think you are smart, don’t forget, there’s always someone who is smarter than you. I have been a driving instructor now for 39 years. But I have a friend, Mr. Chin Yon Hook, who [...]

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