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7 Key Advantages Of Manual Over Automatic Cars

When we compare two things, there is always the good and the bad to consider. Likewise, when comparing “manual” cars with “auto”, let’s point out the advantages of the manual cars over the auto ones. 1) Price wise Without a doubt, manual versions are much cheaper. Sometimes, the price can vary between RM5000 – RM10,000. [...]

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Correct Gears To Use On Manual Cars

"What are the correct gears to use?” This question was posed to this blog recently. In trying to answer this request, I shall assume we are dealing with a 5 gears manual car. Gear 1 and 2 are considered “low” gears. 3, 4 and 5 would then be classified as “high” gears. The 1st & [...]

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11 Key Components Of A Manual Car

[the_ad id='7178'] How To Drive A Manual Gear Vehicle Before attempting to teach or instruct a student how to drive, firstly we have to introduce him or her a few important parts of the car. Therefore, explain to the students the followings: 1) Steering. It controls the wheels. The best manner is to place your [...]

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