When we compare two things, there is always the good and the bad to consider. Likewise, when comparing “manual” cars with “auto”, let’s point out the advantages of the manual cars over the auto ones.

1) Price wise
Without a doubt, manual versions are much cheaper. Sometimes, the price can vary between RM5000 – RM10,000.

To purchase an “auto” car, a buyer might have to fork out a bigger sum as compared to a manual one.

2) Auto cars are of bigger c.c.
Bigger c.c. cars normally are believed to consume more petrol than manual ones.

Unless petrol consumption doesn’t matter much to you, you had better think twice over before deciding whether to purchase a manual or an auto car.

3) Maintenance by agents as compared to ordinary foremen
Manual cars can mostly be maintained or serviced by usual foremen. Their charges are also lower as compared to agents.

The use of modern equipment, usually used by agents, will undoubtly raise repair bills of an “auto” car.

4) Spare parts of automatic appear to be much more expensive
Without any doubt, auto cars with its sophisticated parts will need spare parts which are more expensive as compared to ordinary manual cars.

Unless one has the cash or money to own an auto car, it is better for one to stay clear from buying an automatic car.

5) Most agents of auto cars are located in larger towns
As most agents seem to have their workshops located in bigger towns and cities within Malaysia, the problem arises when a consumer living in smaller cities as Taiping or Kuala Kubu Bahru for example, might have to send their auto vehicles to say Penang where the agent’s headquarters are located.

The overhead charges for repairing the broken down vehicle will therefore be higher.

6) Lack of power of auto cars as some claim
People who have experienced the using of auto cars claim that the auto cars have less power, especially when going uphill areas.

Compared to manual cars with the equivalent c.c., auto cars seem to lack the “punch” provided by the manual versions.

7) The resale value of auto vehicles
Those involved in the sale of vehicles say auto cars have a lower resale values as compared to non auto ones.

Whether this is a fact or a fiction, it is left to you to make a decision. If you are one person to whom money seems to be no problem, by all means then go for the “auto”.

Whether to choose the “auto” or “manual” version one thing seems to be certain. Like other countries, Malaysia is fast moving into a modern era of vehicles.

Even the Transport Authorities are contemplating very seriously whether to allow learners the use of automatic cars by driving schools and institutes across the country.

It’s only a matter of time. It’s a tide we may be unable to withstand. The question facing us is “auto” or “no auto”.