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If I Were a Millionaire, What Would I Do?

In Malaysia, in the Hokkien singing arena, exists a well known and lively song, entitled “If I Were a Millionaire”. The singer goes on to fantasies what he would do if he were to become a millionaire one day. Among his dreams if it were to come true, is to travel in a posh airline. [...]

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SelangorKu Bus Service – We Are Proud Of It!

Since taking over control, the Selangor government, under the former Chief Minister of Khalid Ibrahim and the current Chief Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, introduced several projects for the benefit of the Selangor people. Amongst the Pakatan Rakyat’s good governance, the state government’s coffers are no longer in the red. Projects like the "free water [...]

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My Durian Stories From Yesteryears Part 2

Durian tree picture from PINOY PHOTOGRAPHER Many more stories about durian remains to be told. The continuation of this article will tell you more stories about it. Durian trees in Klang, especially in Batu Belah, near Simpang Empat in Kampung Martin (my own kampong), in Telok Pulai Road, were but a few [...]

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