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New Klang Bridge Completed – It Was A Promise Kept

Picture source: The Star Online "Bridges" are man's greatest architectural contraptions. When young, I used to sing a nursery rhyme "London bridge is falling down, my fair lady". The Japanese army, built the famous Bridge of River, using thousand of British soldiers manpower and it was said they unfortunately perished during the 2nd World War. [...]

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Yap Family Welcomed The Year Of The Rooster

The “Monkey” scrambled off quickly. And the “Rooster” fluttered in. Geomancists and Feng Tsui experts, like Joey Yap announced 2017 would be a good year. My wife, Mary, was amongst those feeling ecstatic that the Rooster year would be a good year for me. All because I am a “Rooster”. Hopefully, she is right! When [...]

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If I Were a Millionaire, What Would I Do?

In Malaysia, in the Hokkien singing arena, exists a well known and lively song, entitled “If I Were a Millionaire”. The singer goes on to fantasies what he would do if he were to become a millionaire one day. Among his dreams if it were to come true, is to travel in a posh airline. [...]

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