In this page, I thought of starting a discussion section for the matter related to KLIA traffic summonses.

If you have been given a saman by the Polis or JPJ, please feel free to enter your comment below for further discussion.

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  1. Calvin January 25, 2017 at 8:21 am - Reply

    Case 1- I was waiting in the car at klia2 arrival hall by the road side of a single yellow line Lane. I felt tired after driving a long distance so I leaned back my chair to rest while waiting for passenger to arrive. When I woke up I saw a police saman under my car wiper. It was just issued about 10 minutes ago. The police was still around. There are 2 kesalahan. (1) Menghalang lalulintas jalan raya RM100. (2) Tidak hirau tanda isyarat jalan raya RM150. I felt unfair as the police didn’t just ask me to leave if he thought I wasn’t supposed to wait there (he said he did call me but I doubted he really try because my car window was nothe wind down. At least he could have tried knocking my window). There were other cars waiting around there but normally the police would just ask them to leave. Some more, I got samans at klia2 before, parking there while I was not in the car only need to pay RM100. I felt the kesalahan was unreasonable and the saman was unfair. Firstly I did not park there, I was waiting, my car was not causing any blockage to the traffic. Second offense, I did not see any sign there saying no waiting or even no parking. Single yellow line should be no parking but loading and unloading and waiting should be allowed especially when that was a Sunday morning. I lodged a police report to deny the saman. However the police didn’t cancel the saman.

    Case 2- exactly the same as case 1, just about 1 week later I went to klia2 again. This time I was more careful. I dare not fall asleep so while waiting for passenger to arrive I just closed my eyes resting as tired. My chair was just very slightly leaned back. I winded down the car window so that if a police came, he or she could ask me to leave. And it was a Saturday night after 9pm. I thought it was said yellow line is allowed to park after about 6pm til 6am and on Sundays.

    However, when I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see a traffic police issuing a saman, taking photo of my car and walked over to hand the saman to me through the window. She showed a very hateful expression and yelled at me, “you see, why everyone else can just wait properly, but only you sleep in the car?” So, it was fine to wait but i was fined for sleeping in the car? There are 2 kesalahan exactly like case 1 above. I lodged a police report but also of no avail.

    I went to Sepang police to request for a cancelation but was told to go to Bukit Aman. If failed can bring the cases to court.

    I went to Bukit Aman but was refused cancellation. Now I have brought the cases to court. First session hearing was just 2 days ago. The police representative asked for the next session to be on 25 jan 2017, which was 3 days b4 the CNY. I needed to get back to hometown so I requested an earlier date, the police objected, and the judge simply ignored my request and fixed the date as is!

    On seeing the judge is biased and unreasonable, I felt disaapointed. It is unlikely the judge would listen to my reasonings in court, and unlikely for him to make a fair judgement.

    Cikgu Yap, what is your opinion? Can I go back to request for a date change for second hearing? Or can I just ask to cancel the case? I don’t see any hope of winning.

    Another point to mention. The police didn’t return my IC to me after they took it b4 the court. I also forgot to ask for it back. The police is really unprofessional and trying to make things difficult.

    • Cikgu Yap January 26, 2017 at 9:27 pm - Reply

      At his junction, I am not going to discuss whether you are wrong of if the police authorities which issued you the summons is on the right.

      Of course you felt victimised. Without a doubt, you are sore about it.

      As a seasoned driver and also being a driving instructor of many years, it is my contention that no summons can be cancelled or set aside.

      My knowledge and experience regarding summons informs me, “summons” as a matter of fact, must take its course. It must be adjudged “by the courts” finally.

      It is therefore not surprising that your repeated appeals to the police authorities, even to as far up as Bukit Aman itself has met with the core question of what you should now do.

      Permit me to first of all, divulge to you a few things which our blog readers may or may not know.

      Regarding the notorious KLIA airport, I am rather sure that those who send their family members and next of kin to the airport terminal, must surely be aware will face tremendous pressure, especially when attempting to send off their loved ones there.

      With so many luggage and bags, and face with loved ones who may probably be unable to walk a distance, some even who are wheel chair bound, the probability of getting a police summons is very real.

      First of all, the area where drivers drop off their loved ones is a “No waiting / No parking” zone.

      Such being the case, stopping your vehicle, even for a short while, represent an offence.

      Although you are not allowed to stop at the area I mentioned earlier, even temporarily, as the police can very well summon you.

      Allowing passengers to disembark there if frowned upon by the police authorities.

      Better common sense, I believe , prevail.

      In usual circumstances, the police normally will blow their whistles and attempt to get drivers away from the designated area as quickly as possible. You see, the KLIA is indeed a busy airport so to say.

      The police, will not, wherever possible resort to summoning any driver if they possibly can.

      However, it you don’t want to end up being summoned, the only best alternative is to bring your vehicle to the parking area, which I believe is some distance away.

      This will or course incur you and your family member a little bit of inconvenience.

      Think of what I’ve suggested.

      Another pertinent point, you were in your vehicle. You may have dozed off momentarily and the good officer did not seriously attempted to wake you up thereby requesting you to move off thereby avoiding being summoned.

      It should be reminded, it is not the onus of the police office to wake somebody up from his slumber. This represent my belief and contention.

      And finally, what should you do now with regards to the summons which you received?

      You court hearing has been scheduled for 24th January 2017, a few days before CNY.

      You requested that the court authorities provide you with another favourable date of hearing.

      It was rejected and you feel extremely sore about it.

      What I like to advice you is, take a positive stance about it. The courts I believe are not attempting to victimise you or are they trying to be unfair or intimidate you in any way.

      Rest assured, you will get a fair trial when your court case hearing takes place. The Hakims are properly trained personnel and justice, I am sure, will prevail.

      Anyway, you failure to secure a more favourable date for your hearing may be also due to the fact that court might be facing a tight schedule and thereby thus be unable to agree with your request.

      Regarding your summons case, you have no choice but to attend court hearing. Only it can adjudicate whether your summons is fair or otherwise.

      So Calvin, no matter how busy you may be, irregardless of CNY or not, attend the scheduled court case.

      The above mentioned date, the court will ask of you if you accept the fact that you have indeed committed an offense in KLIA.

      Should you decide to fight out the case, so to say, and should you wish to proceed on with your case further, the court will then call for you defense on a later date.

      In the meantime, prepare your own case of get a solicitor to prepare your case for you.

      However, please be reminded that your case might have to go on for quite a while.

      Are you ready to face all the troublesome encumbrances you will have to encounter?

      But one thing for sure, if you win your case, you will really feel the satisfaction no amount of money can buy!

      One reminder before I end this discussion with you. What if you fail to turn up for your mentioned hearing on the 24th January 2017?

      Well, the court can enter a judgement against you and declare you Guilty!

      That’s about all I can advise you.

      All contentions and suggestions are basically mine and mine alone.

  2. ali February 21, 2017 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    I had summon in December 2016 by the Normal police in selangore for having No driving license,and they asked me to appear in the court after 2 months(date mentioned in summon),but when i went there they told me my summon will be max 2000RM, can u guide me how should i settle this issue, because I am a student here and cant afford such huge price

    • Cikgu Yap April 4, 2017 at 1:17 pm - Reply

      Driving without a driving license is a big offense because you are endangering not only yourself but also other road users.

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