10 Common Minor Traffic Offenses Which Will Get You A Traffic Summons

In this article, an attempt will be made to tell drivers pertaining to some offences which the majority of drivers are unaware of:-

1. Not following correct lane when approaching a junction.

Many drivers are very fond of coming in from the “left” as they reach a junction. These drivers are in fact “impatient”. This in reality is termed as “cue cutting”. It is actually an offence. A driver doing this is contravening Circular K8 RTR. If you should be given a summons for this offence, the courts will charge you under section 119(2). And the fine, RM300.

2. Entering and stopping inside a yellow box.

Yellow boxes which are painted at junctions, in front of schools and traffic lights have a purpose. Yellow boxes will ensure a free flow of traffic. A good driver should ensure that he does not remain in the yellow box when the traffic lights turn to red.

Circular K8 RT(CP)LN 101/3 is contravened by a driver stops inside a yellow box. If you were to be charged in the courts, under Circular K9 RT(SCP), the courts will fine a driver RM300 for this offence.

3. Not stopping when school children wish to cross a road.

A driver should make a point to give way to school children. Failure to abide with this regulation, is contravening Circular K8 RT(CP)LN 101/3. If summoned to appear in court, under Circular K9 RT(SCP), a magistrate will enforce a RM300 fine on you.

4. Not giving way to vehicles such as ambulances, police, customs, J.P.J and the fire brigade.

The above vehicles are mostly “life saving vehicles”. They should by right be given the right of way during emergencies.

Circular K9 RTR is contravened by drivers who do not provide right of way to the above mentioned vehicles. Road Transport Departments 1987 section 119(2) specifically can levy a fine of RM300 on drivers who do not give way to ambulances, fire brigade, the police, customs and the J.P.J.

5. Sleeping or dozing off whilst driving.

You might not believe it, there are drivers who fall asleep or actually doze off whilst they are driving. If you happen to seen by a police car passing, such drivers can be “pulled over” by a patrol car.

What traffic offence has a driver actually contravened? Circular K10 RTR is the traffic offence for this. If brought to the courts, a RM300 fine awaits you.

6. Inability to control a vehicle well.

Some drivers are fond of placing a child on their laps while they drive. This is indeed a dangerous stunt to perform. Drivers are encouraged not to do such things. Circular number K17 RTR is for this offence. Under section 119(2) of the RTO 1987, you will be given a fine of RM300.

7. The use of handphones or handsets.

Always make sure you use a hands free set if you are driving. Talking over the phone whilst driving should never be encouraged. We have Circular K17 (A)RTR specifically for this offence. Again, under section 119(2) of the R.T.O. Act 1987, a magistrate or court can fine a driver a sum of RM300 for this offence.

8. Overtaking at double lines.

Overtaking is strictly not allowed at double lines. Overtaking at double lines is a dangerous thing to do. If you are caught “overtaking” at double lines, via Circular K12 (3)(a) 75 LN 167/59, you have contravened the law. And section 119(2) reiterates a driver committing such an offence under the R.T.O 1987, you will be given a RM300 fine by the courts.

9. Doing “U” turns at roads which have a certain speed limit.

Many drivers, or rather new drivers, do not seem to realize that it is an offence to make a “U” turn on certain roads. Doing a “U” turn on such roads is infact a dangerous thing to perform.

Under Circular No. K13 RTR, a driver has contravened a law. The courts on the other hand, will penalize you under section 119(2) again, giving you another RM300 for it.

10. Leaving your vehicle without switching off the engine or installing handbrakes.

Many drivers, even myself, do not seem to realize that there infact a law which can penalize a driver for acts such as the above, that is, “not switching off the engine” and not installing the handbrakes when leaving a car.

Anyway, Circular No. K14 RTR penalizes you for such actions. Again section 119(2) places a RM300 fine on you.

These 10 minor offences have again been highlighted in this article for the perusal of drivers. Study them carefully. And make sure you do not commit them if you possibly can. There are a few more such offences under the Road Transport Act 1987 to be mentioned.

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  1. mimmr March 8, 2012 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    Malaysia is very generous indeed.

    Hundreds of countries are allowed for direct D.L exchange to Malaysia. “Poor, rich, “Develop” or un develop…..

    However unfortunately the same cant be said for other countries. If you go to Australia, UK, Italy or US, you wont be allow to exchange your Malaysian driving license straight away. This is required for residence of course. No problem if you are just visiting as tourist.

    You (Malaysian) need to do all the theory and practical test all over again. This is really painful when you need to settle down, time consuming and sometimes costly as well.

    What irk me the most is the fact that some of these countries are allowed for direct DL exchange in Malaysia whereas the same cant be done if you go to theirs!

    It is so unfair….

  2. ANdy Yeeo June 12, 2012 at 10:48 am - Reply

    If i make a U turn when i saw the traffic light is turning to yellow, when i almost finish u turn to another side of road, that time is already red light on traffic. Do i get summons becoz of that? I noticed that the red light traffic camera is at the back of another side of road which located at originated i from to this another road side.

    • Cikgu Yap June 13, 2012 at 11:47 pm - Reply

      You have committed 2 offenses – rounding a traffic light and ignoring red traffic light.

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