5 Good Driving Habits For Beginners

What Should Drivers Do In Situations Such As These

1) Traffic light or Policeman?

If you were to approach a traffic light, there is a policeman directing traffic. As a driver, will you follow the traffic light system or the policeman?

In such a case, a driver should follow the traffic policeman directing the traffic.

2) Permitting passengers to disembark.

Which side of the car should a driver permit passengers to disembark? For the sake of safety, passengers should get down on the left side of the car.

Vehicles would be coming along on the right hand side. Allowing passengers to disembark on the right hand side would subject passengers to danger.

3) How should you react if you’re stopped by a policeman?

If you’re to be stopped by a police, either at a road block or by a traffic police riding a bike and signaling you to move aside to stop on the road shoulder, what is your correct reaction as a driver?

Some drivers, stop on the road shoulder, sit in the car, while waiting for the officer to approach them. As per my former instructor’s advice, the correct procedure is thus.

Indicate your intention to stop on the left shoulder. As a sign of respect, disembark from your vehicle, after putting on your handbrakes, politely ask the office what possibly is your offense you may have committed. In the meantime, prepare to supply the good officer whatever documents, identification paper that he may request for.

4) Do you wear your seat belts prior to driving off?

Some drivers wear their seat belts first before they drive off. What about you?

The correct and proper way is to belt up first. Some tug and pull at their seat belt as they begin to drive off. The later is not recommended.

5) Provide space for drivers to negotiate their parking.

In doing side parking, be considerate. See that you leave enough space for the driver in front of you and the driver behind you enough space to negotiate his car out. The space we are talking about is approximately ½ meter either way.

If you fail to provide leeway to other drivers, you may find your plate number broken one day. If this happens, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

6) Paying parking fees.

In some places, a driver is expected to pay first and park later. If you’re going for an appointment or some chores, always pay a period longer than your expected duty or appointment.

Assuming you anticipate you’re expected to be away for one hour, ideally you’re advised to pay your parking dues for 2 hours. This is to eliminate the possibility you might be delayed.

This is a good habit to adopt as being late or overdue payment may result you being summoned for an amount much higher than your parking fee.

The above are some things that drivers do daily. Spare some thought over it. Hopefully, what is recommended may help you in some way or other.

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