5 Things A Driving Instructor Should Not Do When Teaching

Imparting the knowledge of driving is a “dangerous” job. Words have it that it’s comparable to the job performed by an airline pilot. That’s why to take an insurance coverage for a driving instructor, the premiums needed is rather high.

This year alone, 2 instructor friends of mine have sustained injuries. One broke an ankle. The other a knee cap. One instructor has left the profession. The other is still resting at home.

Accidents cannot be avoided. I’m a firm believer of the Arabic phrase “Kun faya kun”. True, “what will be will be”.

But as instructors, we certainly can take steps to avoid such mishaps from happening. There are many things instructors can do to make their job safer. The following are 5 things they should not do when teaching.

1) Do not wear slippers, wear shoes.

While teaching or tutoring a student, do not wear slippers. You have to wear shoes.

You see, in times of emergencies, slippers can get stucked or go flying about all over the place. So, do not court unnecessary trouble.

Furthermore, it’s against the law anyway. The instructor can be booked, if caught breaking the law.

2) Do not smoke while teaching.

An instructor is prohibited to smoke. At least while he is on duty. Instructors who smoke show poor discipline.

Smoking sometimes irritate people, especially ladies. By smoking, an instructor in fact is not concentrating fully on his job.

The moment an instructor begins tutoring, he actually faces dangers from all sides. The instructor should be on guard all the time. One slight mistake, and believe me, accidents are bound to happen.

3) Do not use hand phone while teaching.

The use of hand phones has been the cause of many accidents.

How can you be on the lookout for potential dangers, when you’re concentrating talking with someone?

You actually need 2 hands to assist you pulling the steering should an accident is about to happen. With only one hand, your ability to prevent an accident is rather slim.

4) Preparing schedules and writing into diaries.

Some driving instructors are fond of preparing schedules and writing into diaries. Their heads are perpetually facing downwards, totally engrossed with the writings, while the students are driving.

One instructor friend of mine, a Mr. Jalil, recently crashed into the car in front of him at a traffic light. For this, he was summoned RM200.

Who paid for the summons? My friend, of course.

5) Failure to heed using the traffic light junction.

In my early post about using traffic light junctions, I advocated the benefits of using them. It’s safer.

Avoid using “cross junctions” or “T-junctions” if you can.

But unfortunately, how many actually pursue this advice?

Traffic lights are intended to reduce accidents. So, make full use of it!

The consequences of accidents are many. If you’re a worker, you’ll be reprimanded by your boss for being careless. Some bosses make the workers pay the damages to their vehicles.

Financial loss and much time is lost. Students cannot be taught according to schedule. The car has to be sent for repairs.

As a result, much is lost, simply because, as a driving instructor you have chosen not to do what I have recommended you do. Think about it carefully.

If you are a young instructor, contemplate securing yourself a P.A. (Personal Accident) insurance policy. The cost may be high, but the benefits are many!

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