In a recent comment to this blog, “Cars”, a well known Ford agent stationed in Australia, wrote in to comment that they have noted that electric cars appear not to be extensively used in our country, Malaysia. He is in fact, right!

The above went on to add further that as a matter of observance, electric cars or better known as “G.V” or “green vehicles” are rather well known in countries such as United Kingdom, Australia and other European countries, but sadly not so in Malaysia.

I researched into electric cars and it informs me that the popular Japanese electric car “Chery”, which is reputed to be a small, cute and dependable vehicle, is today so popular that it is said there are some 700,000 units of it being used in the world currently.

Ford Motors, which was said to be founded by handsome looking Henry Ford, is today reputed to be the 4th largest car producer in the world today. It’s reputed also to be in the process of introducing more and more electric cars into the world market very shortly.

“Cars” belief about the usage of electric cars in Malaysia today is absolutely correct. This has led me to ponder upon the question of why is it there are so few electric cars being utilized in Malaysia today.

The reasons why there are so few electric cars being used in Malaysia may very well because of:-
1) Malaysia, being a third world nation, has not seen the necessity to see the introduction of electric cars into the market as yet.

2) Malaysia, one should realize, is in fact an oil producing nation. It does not face a problem of petrol supply for its domestic requirement. Malaysia, as a matter of fact, produces its own petrol which is of a better grade quality than the fuel required for its usage by vehicles.

As such, Malaysia exports its higher grade petrol overseas and imports lower grade petrol for usage of its motor industry. The above reason may very well be the reason why Malaysia feels it’s unnecessary as yet to introduce electric cars into the Malaysian market.

3) The third reason for Malaysia not being exposed extensively to electric cars as yet, as compared to other nations, may very well be because Malaysia, undoubtedly, is technologically, we admit, a little wee bit backward as compared to other countries such as England, Australia, France, Germany etc as far as electric cars are concerned.

4) For electric cars to be introduced into the Malaysia market, one pertinent requirement is necessary. Electric cars, need ordinary household electrical power points to charge the vehicles battery supply system overnight. Even though, most homes in Malaysia have electric supplies nowadays, there are still homes where electricity supply is still not available.

5) Electric cars will require electricity to charge its battery and electric systems. Electricity will require a rather high expenditure should it were to be used. Electricity in our country is a rather a costly commodity. A car which runs on electricity, may even end up to be more expensive to run as compared to fuel or petrol powered vehicles in the long run.

6) It is my opinion that Malaysia is yet not ready yet for the introduction of electric powered vehicles. Our mechanics and workshops are still unprepared for the introduction of electric cars into the country. At least, not yet.

7) Finally, we will have to consider carefully the cost of an electric cars should it be introduced into our country. Electric cars will obviously cost over RM100,000 or even higher. Compare it with other models of cars in the market today, Myvi, Proton, Ford and other makes, which can be available around RM50,000 – RM70,000, and you’ll surely understand why the electric car has yet to make a headway into the Malaysian market.

Maybe, it would take a further few more years for electric cars to become more popular in our country, Malaysia. Until then, Malaysians have little choice but to go on accepting conventional cars which are run on petrol, diesel and even “hybrid” cars. But like the sun, which must surely rise in the East, Malaysia, like other countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and America, we will see the use of more electric cars in Malaysia, in the not too distant future.