Driving License Blacklisted Because Of Saman Ekor

The question of saman ekor for speeding, this is a different kettle of fish when compared to traffic summonses from local council authorities.

In such incidents, the authorities concerned use ray guns which are very sophisticated. These guns cost a lot of money and are normally very accurate.

It is said to record the speed of a speeding vehicle, it also takes photographs of the speeding vehicle. The speed of the vehicle and registration numbers and the colour of the vehicles involved are all recorded clearly.

At times, it has been reported that the driver of vehicle, the shirt that the driver was wearing are also shown clearly in the photographs which the authorities have. It has been said, even the personality of the person sitting beside the driver at the time of the incident can also be identified.

Should any driver feel that he or she has been intimidated by a saman ekor and would like to challenge its authenticity, they are free to visit the relevant police authority to verify their summons. But the problem that exists today is how many drivers are willing to spend valuable time doing what I have suggested.

Talking about the subject of one being blacklisted, banks sometimes do blacklist people who do not settle loans taken. A personal friend of mine, Jack, who is an agent selling second hand vehicle with a finance company in town, informs me that potential clients of his are sometimes blacklisted by banks.

Application for loans are sometimes turned down or rejected by the banks. This means that the banks have discovered that certain clients who might wish to take a bank loan have not paid up their former loans taken. In such a case, a potential client will be blacklisted and the loan application rejected.

When such things occur, such client will have no alternative but to abort their intention of purchasing a 2nd hand vehicle. Besides being blacklisted, a potential client may even have his application for a loan rejected because his salary does not qualify him to take a loan.

My friend, Jack, tells me that a person should ideally have a salary of over RM2000 to qualify him to be accepted by the bank for a loan to purchase a second hand car.

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  1. Jo March 20, 2012 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    Hi Cikgu Yap,
    I have an outstanding summons for driving with an expired road tax & insurance. I would like to pay the summons, but since an arrest warrant has already been issued, does that mean that I cannot pay in the normal way but need to go to court to do so? Could you let me know the best way to settle this? If I do need to go to court, may I know what is the process & how long the process will take? Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can give

    • Cikgu Yap March 21, 2012 at 10:56 am - Reply

      Try discussing with the authorities that summoned you. You have to settle also the cost of warrant of arrest, which can cost anything from RM200-RM300. Your summons for expired road tax and insurance can easily come to RM600. Court proceedings can easily take a day.

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