1) Certificate issued by the Driving Institute for the 5 hours K.P.P (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) is valid for 1 year. Sit for the Highway Code (Computer) within the stipulated time frame.

2) Computer results slips are valid for 1 year. So enroll for the 6 Hour Theory Course as soon as possible.

3) Those who complete attending the 6 Hour Theory course are issued the JPJL2B certificate valid for 1 year also.

4) Computer tests at private centres open Monday – Sunday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

5) When at the computer test center, you have to take a Computer Photo (RM10). These photos can be used to issue an L (Learners License) at the centre.

6) The Highway Code and with the issuance of the “L” License lasts 2 years. Practical Driving test should be completed within this period.

7) Results of your Practical Test (Part I – Slope / Parking / 3 Point Turn) and Part II – Jalan Raya (Route) also lasts 1 year.

8) The blue Test Card issued to you  after the Practical Test has to be converted into the C.D.L. (Competent Drivers License) no later than 1 year.

9) The “P” is a 2 year Probationary license. After this period, you have to convert it into a C.D.L license. Failure to do so will render your “P” Null and Void.

10) C.D.L must not be allowed to lapse payment for more than 3 years. A 3 year lapse will render our license Null and Void. You will then have to resit your test all over again.

11) A G.D.L (Good Drivers’ License) has to be renewed annually. The driver has to undergo a compulsory medical exam before being allowed to do a renewal.

12) To drive a vehicle, a person needs a valid license (Section 26 (1) A.P.J 1987.

13) To drive at night, one has to put on the “front lights”. How does one classify “night”? Night legally refers to “half an hour after the sunsets” while “day” is considered “half an hour before the sun rises”.

Hopefully, this will help clean discrepancies with the traffic police.

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