First of all, the Kejara System or the Demerit system adopted by the Road Transport Department at Putrajaya, mainly involves 2 categories of drivers only.

i) “P” or new drivers who have just received their licenses.

ii) Competent Driver Licenses (C.D.L.) or passed drivers.

Learners Driver License or “L” drivers, being temporary license holders are not involved in this system at all.

In an earlier article on the Kejara System, I have promised to talk about traffic offenses and the demerit points which are accorded to drivers.

All in all, 18 important offenses are involved. I believe drivers would be rather eager to know what these offenses are. The offenses together with the demerit points, which would be awarded are as follows:

1) 15 demerit points.

5 traffic offences are accorded for various traffic offences. Amongst them are:

a) Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

b) Dangerous and careless driving.

c) Driving with undue care and in inconsiderate manner.

d) Speeding or road testing activities.

e) Without due good reasons, refusal to provide specimens of breath, urine and blood to the police when requested to do so.

2) 10 demerit points.

For this, 10 demerit points are involved. Basically, it involves 3 main traffic offences. They are:

a) Failure to obey traffic lights.

b) Failure to install P stickers both front and back of one’s vehicles.

c) Exceeding a speed limit of more than 40 km/h in a designated road.

3) 8 demerit points.

Next under the Kejara System, offences which are deemed as important and therefore should not be violated by a driver are given 8 demerit points. What are the offences are we talking about? They are:

a) Speeding exceeding 26 km/h – 40 km/h at a designated place.

b) Offences involving overtaking and obstruction whilst in the process of overtaking.

c) Not giving way to ambulances, fire brigade, customs, police and J.P.J. vehicles.

d) Offences by drivers at zebra or pedestrian crossing areas.

e) Offences which involves non adherence to driving on the left hand side of the road.

f) Failure to stop at junctions.

g) Careless and not giving due care to the control of vehicles.

The above are 7 traffic offences which drivers are advised to keep a look out for.

4) 6 demerit points.

Exceeding speed limit at certain designated areas of speed of between 1 km/h – 25 km/h will get you a 6 point penalty.

5) 5 demerit points.

I can think of 6 offences which carries 5 demerit points. They are:

a) Using a motor vehicle at road block areas.

b) Disobeying directions and traffic signs.

c) Using worn out tyres.

d) Overtaking at double lines.

e) Failure to adhere to rules and regulations pertaining to P drivers under Kaedah 15A (Kaedah-kaedah Kenderaan Motor (lesen Memandu) 1992.

f) Failure to bring along one’s driving license while driving.

g) Failure to adhere to the requirement of alcohol content of breath, urine and blood being at 0.00 level.

Keeping an eye on the above important traffic offenses will g along way to prevent drivers getting demerit points.

In the process, you wouldn’t have to worry about your driving licenses getting black listed by the J.P.J. authorities. And you will have no problems at all getting your driving licenses renewed or your road tax issued when the time comes.