Know Basic Computer To Do The Highway Code Test

The Highway Code test which a candidate sits for after attending the Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu (K.P.P.) lecture can either be done in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

The above test is held in private computer centres all across towns, throughout the country. Most computer centres have 15 – 20 computer units to cater for the students’ needs.

However, there exists driving institutes which cater for such tests in their own premises. Perfect Driving Institute, based in Puchong, Selangor is amongst one of the few to conduct computer test of its own.

MyEg and Speed are two examples of companies which have been given the franchise to carry out computer tests by the transport authorities.

As far as I am aware, tests are conducted in computer centres practically everyday. They operate daily, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Sometimes, especially peak seasons like school holidays for example, these computer centres even operate as late as 9:00 pm.

As a lecturer for the K.P.P. course, it is found some driving school or institutes do not give the correct information to their candidates. They fail to provide the information that candidates wishing to appear for computer tests should at least know basic computer.

Most potential drivers, especially those in the range of 40 – 55 years old, cannot be expected to know anything about computers. They are, as we can safely say, computer illiterate.

What driving schools or institutes should do is to inform students wishing to enroll for a driving course, that the Highway Code test conducted by the J.P.J. authorities, is conducted via computers.

How are potential driving candidates, especially those who are in the older age range to pass their Highway Code?

The J.P.J. authorities do in fact carry our oral tests at selected centres all across the country. These are done especially in rural areas like Batu Laut, Selangor periodically.

Most driving schools are aware of these rules and regulations. They have to register their students with the transport authorities months ahead of the scheduled tests.

Coming back to the question of computer ignorance among some older potential driving candidates, what driving schools and institutes should ideally do is to tell the candidates the real truth.

Those not able to operate the computer should not be brought in to attend the K.P.P. lectures in the first place.

As a lecturer of the K.P.P. course, which last 5 hours incidentally, it saddens me to see such folks aged 50 and above to have to attend these gruesome 5 hours lectures, inspite of the fact they are unable to sit for the computer tests.

Driving school operators should be more ethical in the way they conduct their businesses. They should inform potential student regarding the real situation and let the students decide as to whether they choose to attend the 5 hour lecture or otherwise.

If potential candidates decide to continue pursuing the course, then they have little choice but to learn up computer technology, which might take even a few months.

A candidate not knowing anything about computers, computer illiterate, so to say, can learn up how to operate a computer in many ways.

Amongst some of the ways recommended are:

1) Get family members to instruct you.

2) Go to most driving school offices which have computer sets nowadays.

3) Go to institutes office, where clerks can help you, for a small fee of RM5 – RM10.

4) You could even visit computer centres all across towns to take up a crash course on computer.

5) You could even engage colleagues to assist you in the office.

As the saying goes, “if there’s will, there’s always a way”.

Regarding the Highway Code test, some students ask, :can the test be conducted in Mandarin, besides English and Bahasa Malaysia?”

Unfortunately, the answer is no!

No other languages are allowed.

Some students, especially from other countries like India, China, Libya and so forth, inquire if they can get study sources like text books and pamphlets in English. To tell you the truth, besides Bahasa Malaysia, securing books and reading material, is difficult, but not impossible.

But do not despair. Try asking your driving instructor to assist you getting what you want in English. If you instructor should work hard enough, it is certain, that you problems would be overcome.

Besides the above mentioned problem regarding computers, make sure that as a potential candidate, you’re not blacklisted in the J.P.J. files. This will prevent your being registered as a candidate.

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