4 Ways To Prevent School Children From Getting Into Accidents

Unless school children are taken care of, they tend to get involved in accidents easily. Parents, school teachers, school wardens and bus conductors are some of those who have to play their role of looking after the safety of school children.

Where are some of the places where school children’s safety have to be constantly supervised?

In this article, an attempt will be made to specifically pin-point exactly the places where supervision has to be emphasized to prevent school children from getting into accidents.

1) Crossing roads.

In front of schools, most have zebra crossings to assist school children. On top of this, school wardens are also employed to guard the safety of school children crossing busy street. Traffic lights are sometimes available too.

2) Traveling in school buses.

Children, especially those in the primary and lower secondary, such as Form 1 or 2, are prone to getting involved in accidents. Most school busses, which ferry school children to and from school, do not have conductors to help the driver himself to look after the safety of the school children.

Children should not be allowed to remain standing on the doorsteps, while the bus is moving. School children being what they are should not be allowed to put their heads out of the window when the bus is in motion. This is dangerous!

In the case of smaller primary school children, the bus driver, when allowing school children to disembark should ideally stop the bus, get down from the bus and personally direct and help the students cross the road safely.

3) Children who travel to school riding bicycles.

Some school children ride their bicycles to school. The majority are primary school students. Parents and school authorities should constantly advise students in this category about road safety.

Students of this school going age are extremely mischievous and tend not to adhere to rules and regulations. Unless they are constantly reminded over and over again, they are extremely liable to get into trouble.

Among mischievous stunts students perform while riding bicycles include riding abreast, pushing each other while riding and making sudden U turns on the road and swaying in and out of traffic irregardless of on-coming traffic.

All these are dangerous antics, very liable to cause accidents. In short, only students who have good discipline should be allowed to ride a bicycle to school.

Naughty and ill disciplined students should not be allowed by parents to be on the road. Riding a bicycle is as good as riding motorcycles. They could easily be killed!

4) School children milling around school gates prior to their parents fetching them.

If you have chance, observing the antics of school children nowadays at school gates, prior to their parents fetching them in cars, you will surely know what I mean.

Most run around wildly, pushing each other, chasing one another, irregardless of on-coming vehicles thus exposing themselves to danger.

Unless there are school discipline teachers on duty at the gate, the situation is dire. With school children behaving in such manner, it is a matter of time before some things disastrous occurs.

Maybe in place of teachers, the school can at least employ school wardens to oversee the pupils who mill around the school entrance or exit, prior to their being fetched by their parents in their own personal vehicles.

Once again, parents should constantly advise and remind their sons and daughters to behave especially at school gates as these gates are exposed to heavy passing traffic.

As a matter of fact, school children can be exposed to danger anywhere and at anytime. In the class, while playing on the school field, at school gates, crossing the road after the day’s dismissal and in the school bus while going home. You name it and danger are there.

It’s going to be a constant surveillance by teachers and parents. For the good of school children whom we all care and love, we have no choice but to accord them the attention they need from us. There is no other choice available if we wish to safeguard their safety.

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