7 Safety Check List Before Driving Off

I am not a pilot. But by watching movies, it is not wrong to assume both pilot and co-pilot make it mandatory to check their controls before taking off. Similarly, a driver should make it a point to check a few items before driving off too. This good habit should in fact be practiced by all good and careful drivers.

It is not suggested you do the checking each and every time you drive off. But doing the checking the first thing in the morning would be a good practice indeed.

What are the things a driver has to check?

1) The engine compartment.

Have a quick look at the engine compartment. Check the radiator. Glance at the brake reservoir. If you have time to check the battery, so much the better. If you can check the dip stick too, that would be the best.

2) Windscreen dirty or dusty.

Windscreen becomes dirty or dusty after a day’s use. Use a damp cloth to wipe away dust and grime. Windscreens are sometimes misty when the weather is cold.

Wipers at times cannot do a good job. Only a piece of cloth can do a job well.

3) Checking the dashboard.

Upon entering the car, check the dashboard. Instruments such as fuel gauge, temperature indicator, petrol gauge and engine oil indicator are few things which need your attention.

The engine oil indicator, which measure the lubricating oil in your engine will light up if there is a shortage or malfunction.

4) Rear and side mirrors.

Check these items upon entering the car and before taking off. Adjust them accordingly if need be. They are extremely important in helping you drive safely.

5) Wear your seat belt.

Do not forget to wear your seat belt. Put on your seat belt before you move off. Some drivers tug at the seat belt while the car is about to move away. This is indeed a wrong method of wearing your seat belt.

6) Release you parking brake.

When you have stopped a car, the handbrake needs to be engaged. Likewise, when a driver needs to move off, the above brake should also be disengaged too.

Forgetting to release the handbrake will result in the brake pads and drum getting spoilt. Therefore, a driver should make it a point to remember releasing the handbrakes upon moving off.

7) Check if you have brought your driving license, MyKad and other documents.

Documents such as driving license and MyKad need to be brought along while you are driving. Do check your wallet or handbag. Ensure that the above documents are with you while you drive.

Not having your documents with you is as good as not possessing a license to drive. Very few policemen can excuse you not having a valid license. They tend to summon you straight away.

These are some of the major items a driver should check prior to his driving off. Hopefully, the advice given hereby will contribute towards making your journey not only safer, but avoid you getting entangled with the law as well.

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  1. Asukachee January 23, 2011 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    Thanks for your prompt remind ^^
    I will keep those in my mind ^^

  2. ansar June 5, 2011 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    Good points. Also i would like to add yet another point

    Recently while moving off, I did not close the door properly due to ignorance and while speeding, the door suddenly opened and I lost complete control over the car.

    Therefore I advise all users to ensure the driver/pax doors are locked to ensure safety of self and other users on the road (before moving check the screen display in front to notice any errors i.e if doors are open the screen will caution you to close the doors properly)

  3. Piseth July 9, 2012 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    Thanks for such a nice driving advice. Very useful indeed.

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