Consequences Of Genting Highlands Bus Operator Suspension

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Darat (SPAD) or the Land Public Transport Commission whist is today responsible for public transport service such as taxis, lorries and tour buses in the country, is said to be now set to suspend the Genting Highlands bus operator.

The above bus operator has its Headquarters at Jalan Pekeliling, KL. From what I am aware of, the above bus service to the top of Malaysia’s well known hill resort is not only popular, it is the sole bus transport service that is available to the public currently.

For those who may not be well acquainted with this bus company, the service which it provides to the public is invaluable. Besides that, the cost of travelling up to the hill top, which is about 6,666 feet in height, as a regular visitor to Genting, permit me to tell you that cost of travelling up this this hill resort is cheap.

If not mistaken, I believe it costs only but less than RM5 for a one way journey up to the Genting Highlands Bus Terminal at the First World Hotel.

The only drawback about the services provided by this operator, Genting Highlands Transport Sdn Bhd, is visitors to this hill resort is that one is not allowed to make earlier, prior booking.

Tickets are only sold approximately half and hour earlier before the bus departs from the bus terminal, It therefore works on the principle of “first come first serve” basis. Apart from that, it is my understanding that services provided by this particular bus company extend to well 9:00 pm daily. It is as such, a boon to visitors to Genting Highlands resorts who have missed their regular buses earlier.

Before proceeding further with this article, readers should be reminded about an unfortunate incident which took place in 21st August 2013. A bus plunged into a ravine at the Genting Highlands, killing 37 passengers.

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), then conducted an investigation into the horrifying incident. SPAD’s Executive Officer, En. Nur Ismail Mohamad Kamal, told the public, that based on the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) report on the matter, a decision has been made to suspend the services of Genting Highlands Transport Sdn Bhd.

The suspension is expected to be meted out within a week’s duration. This means that the company will have to cease its operating its services immediately.

When accident occurs, it is only right that the authorities concerned, Road Transport Department, the Police and in particular MIROS, conduct lengthy and detail investigations into it.

The decision, when presented to the authorities, finally ends in a suspension for the bus company concerned. The suspension , I believe will have tremendous repercussions upon the public.

Not all people are aware of one thing. Those who visit Genting Highlands do not do so just to gamble at the casino alone. Some go there for holidays. Many infact, have their honeymoons there too,

Families, with their children find Genting a cool and beautiful place to be at. The famous Theme Park is especially a favorite to local teenagers. They take the opportunity to go there whenever possible.

The Genting Highlands Resort, is only a hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. Believe it or not, the crowd there on weekends and public holidays is just maddening.

But one thing should not be forgotten. Besides local people mentioned above, foreign tourists also make use of the bus services there too.

With its imminent suspension announced, what is going to happen?

I lament over the above decision. You see, many people travel up to the hill resort to work there on a daily basis. A travelling transport expenditure of a few hundred ringgit per month is more affordable to these people then the alternative option of staying there.

Cost of living at the hill top resort is not going to be low, believe me. As such, the above mentioned group of people will definitely be the hardest hit by SPAD decision to suspend bus services provided by the Genting Highlands Transport Sdn Bhd bus company.

Acting transport minister, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein says the government reserves the right or power to close down the bus company. Besides that, the courts can even take stern action against the company’s top management too.

It is all well said and done, as the saying goes. But the authorities should consider carefully, the repercussions I have brought up earlier on.

According to reliable reports, some 1000 people rely upon the company bus services to commute daily to Genting Highlands Resort and surrounding location like Gombak.

Chief Executive Officer of SPAD, En. Mohd Nur, is of the opinion, and he reiterates this, “it is going to have a major impact on them, without a doubt” However, not all is lost though.

The Commission is checking alternative arrangements to solve the problem. One thing however is for certain. If and when the final decision to terminate Genting Highlands resort’s responsibility to solve the transport problem will be created as a result!

Currently, the resort maroon-coloured buses only provide transport services to its cable car half way station at Gohtong Jaya. Will the above company buses now ply up to the top of the hill in the near future? It is left to be seen.

Should you ask my honest opinion, my answer to it would be “there is no other way but it!” Genting Highlands Resorts has to do it.

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