Check Your Hearing Before You Drive

The Ability To Hear Well – An Important Aspect Of Driving

Like good eyesight, the ability to hear well is necessary for a driver to be able to drive well. It is important for a driver to hear warnings like horn, siren approaching, police vehicles as well as ambulances and the fire brigade.

Unlike eye test where a candidate has to pass the colour blind test prior to his / her sitting for the 50 question computer test, in the case of hearing, there appears to be no such test imposed upon students.

Students who possess hearing problems should take steps to rectify this anomaly. Do make it a point to visit your family doctor to seek his assistance.

Hearing problems faced by some students who intent to take up driving, is not a major problem nowadays. Special hearing kits are currently available in the market.

So to those of you who suffer a deficiency, especially in hearing, could visit the doctor and seek his medical advice.

Tell the doctor your problem. Most likely, the good doctor could then arrange for a “hearing aid kit” to be fitted into your body to assist you to hear better.

The only drawback to these hearing aid would most probably be the question of how costly is it to fit one.

If cost isn’t a factor, then your inability to hear well or distinctly does not arise.

Nevertheless, please do remember, if you are hard of hearing, then it’s your responsibility and duty to duly inform the driving school or institutes about your problem.

During registration, do let the driving school know about your problem so that proper steps could be taken.

The same also applies to lady candidates who are in their early stages of “pregnancy”.

Let the driving school know about your condition. Failing which, on the day of your practical test, blame no one if out of a sudden, J.P.J. personnel stops you from taking your test.

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