Ops Sikap 20 Campaign A Miserable Failure?

Rise In Road Fatalities Should Serve As Wake Up Call

This year’s Ops Sikap 20 Campaign launched from the 13th September to 27th September 2009 in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebration is finally over.

Hundreds, if not thousands of Police, J.PJ., Bomba, Hospital Authorities personnel involved in some way or other should all be accorded a “Big Thank You” for getting the job well done.

Each and everyone one, who is involved should feel extremely honoured, they have carried out what is expected of them. The public cannot ask for more.

If not for the campaign this year, many more lives would have been lost.

But as said by the Police authorities, the Ops Sikap 20 Campaign which ended recently on 20th September 2009, should act as a wake up call to one and all, the country’s road users, especially motorists and drivers, that their attitudes must change.

The increase in the total number of deaths this year, shows clearly that their attitudes and habits on the road, will have to change.

All these were reiterated by the Federal traffic police, chief Senior Assistant Comm. (I) Datuk Abdul Aziz Yusof, when giving a news conference recently.

One of the major reasons found to have been the cause of the increased number of accidents in this campaign was “flouting traffic laws”.

80 percent of the accidents were was a result of recklessness!

As we compare the total number of deaths which numbered 265, with that of 208 of the previous operation, the figure appears more but considering the rise in the number of accidents amounting to 17,335 compared to 15,997, this increase is therefore understandable.

When we compare summons which totaled 152,745 compared to 124,581 of last year, we also get a picture whereby motorists this year may have flouted the law more as compared to last years operation.

Another fact which must also be taken into consideration was that this year the number of vehicles using the North-South Expressway totaled 2 million, when compared to 1.5 million last year.

The Authorities added, “education”, “engineering feedback” not just enforcement alone, were factors responsible for reducing traffic accidents this year.

As long as Malaysian drivers do not change their attitudes, and keep sticking to their old habits, we will keep seeing a rise in fatal accidents, despite all the efforts.

Whatever it is, the Ops Sikap Campaigns have to continue its operations in the future, or we will see a further rise in fatalities, without a doubt.

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