Tyre Puncture Along The Expressway – Follow The 7 Safety Steps

Many drivers, including experienced and new ones alike, do not know exactly what the speed limit is in Malaysia.

Below are information provided for your consumption:

30 km/j – In the vicinity of schools

50 km/j – Within the town area

90 km/j – Along highways e.g. The Federal Highway

110 km/j – Along “lebuhraya” or expressways e.g. The North South Expressways (PLUS)

Lebuhraya or “expressways” are distinguished by the presence of:

a) Ticketed payment of tolls

b) The presence of “R and R” (Rest and Recreational) areas along the way.

While driving along the expressways, do you maintain the maximum speed of 110 km/j? Or do you sometimes exceed this limit?

Cars and other vehicles speeding along the expressways at a speed of 110 km/j, are actually traveling very fast.

To the driver at the “emergency” lane trying to change his punctured tyre, such cars traveling at 110 km/j seems to be speeding.

It is extremely dangerous!

To try and change tyres in such a situation is actually inviting disaster.

What then should one do? You can follow the 7 safety steps below when you have a punctured tyre along the expressway.

1) Stop as quickly as possible in the “emergency” lane.

2) Put on the emergency “blinking lights” immediately.

3) Place your “cones” or “triangle” at least 30 metres behind your car.

4) Put on your Front and Rear lights.

5) All passengers should immediately get out of the vehicle. It is dangerous to sit inside the car.

6) The driver and all other passengers should cross over the “steel barricade” and stand behind it.

7) Remember, do not attempt to change the punctured tyres by yourself. You have to wait for the arrival of the PLUS team.

The PLUS team will then place 10 – 15 cones behind your car.

After completion of changing tyres, you could then thank them by providing them some money for drinks.

Whether or not you wish to accept this advice or otherwise, is entirely up to you. Your safety is in your own hands!

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