11 Useful Tips For The Owner Of A Driving School Car

The Things & Documents A Driving School Or Institute’s Car Will Be Checked For By The Authorities

In dealing with the above topic, in my earlier article, 6 Essential Things Required When Conducting Driving Lesson in Malaysia, I failed to mention 2 important items or documents. They are:

1) Road Tax.

Road tax will be among the things the J.P.J. or Police will look for. Remember that always.

2) Puspakom’s Disc Of Inspection.

This is an important item of a driving school vehicle. Ensure this disc is prominently displayed on your windscreen.

The above 2 items end the documents that are looked for by the authorities.

In the second part of this article, emphasis is placed upon what things will the authorities look for when they stop a driving school car.

Similar to my earlier article, this article will once again be itemized.
1) Front / rear lights including brake lights and 3rd brake lights.

All the above are to be checked. Ensure all of them work perfectly.

2) Indicators front and rear.

Indicators are important items. Indicators are not difficult to maintain. Keep supply of spare bulbs for this purpose.

3) Tyre threads.

Maintain a 60% tyre thread for all 4 tyres.

4) Wipers.

To a driving school car, wipers are important items. Years ago, the Datsun 120Y that I used, I was issued RM100 summons for this offense.

5) The horn.

An important and necessary item of a car, especially a driving school one. Make sure it’s working well.

6) Side or wing mirrors.
Side mirrors, left and right, are both compulsory items. I remember vividly, the same Datsun 120Y received yet another offence (RM100) regarding absence of left wing mirror.

7) Rear view mirror.

Actually, this mirror is an extremely important item of a driving school vehicle.

8) The rear mirror (instructor’s side).

Unlike other cars, the instructor’s side has a rear view mirror for the instructor’s use. Failure to have this mirror, is an offence.

9) The second brake (the instructor’s side).

Unlike in England, where driving school cars have 2 steerings, in Malaysia, the driving school people have come up with the idea of 2 brakes in one car.

It is therefore mandatory for all driving school or institute’s car to possess 2 sets of brakes. Incredible, but true.

10) General cleanliness of the vehicle.

Considered a “service” rendering vehicle, a driving school has to maintain cleanliness at all times.

A dusty and unkempt vehicle will result in you getting a summons, no doubt.

11) Broken number plates.

A broken number plate will amongst others, result in your driving school getting summoned.

Number plates which are chipped or broken, had better be replaced immediately.

These are the 11 things the J.P.J. or Police will look for if you’re unfortunately stopped by them.

Take my advice. Take note with regards to what has been highlighted in this article. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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  1. kailash August 13, 2012 at 10:31 am - Reply

    pls help me how to drive a car in straight line, i always drive and keep the car left and right on the road i.e within the line. My instructor scolds me look straight and drive it correctly. pls help to overcome this problem.

    • Cikgu Yap August 14, 2012 at 4:10 pm - Reply

      It takes time to learn to drive well. Be patient.

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