How To Appeal Against JPJ Test Results

I have been asked numerous times, can a student appeal with regards to test results. What does one do if he or she feels unhappy or dissatisfied with the results of the practical test?

Now, the Practical Test for Class D (cars) license is made up of 2 separate parts. Part II involves slope, side parking and the 3 point turn. While Part III involves the road test or Ujian Jalan Raya.

Can a student make a complaint over the results? Is he or she allowed to lodge an appeal?

If an appeal is made, it’s best to be made the same day itself. Firstly, let’s answer the above question asked. The answer is Yes. An appeal can be made.

But the number of those appealing is rather small. Nonetheless, students who are better educated and know their rights, do lodge complains and appeals during tests.

But as said, the number is low. Why is this so?

Driving school and institutes personnel do not in fact like to make complains against testers. They are in actually fact slightly afraid or dislike making appeals on their student’s behalf. It involves their daily bread and butter.

After all, if students fail, they have to do a re-test.

Who pays for the above test? The student of course.

So, a student wishing to make an appeal against his or her test results, should first of all get the support of the driving school proprietor. And from my years of experience in this field, believe me, there aren’t many of them around who will support you.

Practical tests, which are presently conducted at institutes’ premises, are under the charge of a Chief tester. He is stationed at the test centre or room. His duty is to oversee things, deal with problems arising, complains and so forth.

So in the eventuality, you as a student should feel dissatisfied over anything, this officer or “supervisor” is the correct person to see. Ask your driving school or institute to bring you to see him.

As a young candidate, obviously you are not brave enough or daring enough to approach the officer yourself. Am I correct?

But, let me remind you, before appearing before the man above, make certain you have good reasons to support your appeal or rayuan.

The officer, being an experienced officer, will no doubt listen to your complaint in a fair and just manner. Believe, you will not be intimidated.

If the good supervisor should feel your complaint or appeal is justified, good judgment will prevail and rest assured, you may be allowed a re-test by another officer. But, let me provide you some information. Such decisions are rarely made.

What if you are dissatisfied with the supervisor’s decision?

You can go another step further. Ask your instructor to bring your complaint or appeal to the Pengarah of the state transport department.

But there are some driving schools people who are all out to fight for justice, regardless of consequences. I’ve heard personally from a driving school operator, whose candidate had claimed she was unfairly tested and not happy with the way the test had been conducted, asked to be taken to the J.P.J. officer in Kampung Jawa to lodge a complaint.

According to regulation, first, she had to lodge an official complaint by writing a written statement or complaint. This official complaint has to be brought to the attention of the Tuan Pengarah.

In fact, there is a department in Putrajaya which is responsible to look into matters such as these. State or Jabatan Negeri would like as far as possible to settle such matters and not have it brought to the attention of the HQ.

In conclusion, candidates who feel they are unfairly intimidated during test, can make an official complaint. But, they should have good reasons and concrete evidence. They should be brave enough to face any eventuality.

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