On certain days, say Mondays, some driving institutes conduct their practical tests from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Some even stretch into 7:00 pm at times.

Usually, institutes test vehicles have signs saying “Students On Test” hung behind them. A J.P.J. tester normally accompanies the testee out on the road in the vicinity of these institutes. You cannot possibly miss the above vehicles. The testers wear their dark blue coloured uniform.

The public are requested to co-operate by:
i) Giving way to such vehicles on test.

ii) Do not encroach into the way or path of such vehicles.

iii) Especially at roundabout, refrain from driving aggressively and end up blocking the part of a student testee.

Permit me to inform you one thing which you may or may not be aware of. Testers are permitted to summon a driver should you act in a manner considered as obstructing a student out on a test. However, fortunately most testers I know of dislike to summon anyone. Nevertheless, if you should be unlucky, one of these days you might very well find yourself being summoned.

Newly passed drivers in Malaysia are required to put on “P” stickers both in front and at the back of their vehicles. This is to let other motorists know that they have just passed and are therefore not very competent in driving yet.

I feel this indeed is a good way of informing other road users that such drivers have to be accorded patience and understanding as they try to incalculate and gain experience.

If you do see a “P” driver on the road and they seem to be slightly slower than usual, you should be able to understand their predicament. As drivers who have been driving for years, it is your duty to help these new drivers out in whatever way you can. After all, you were once like them when you first achieved your driving license.