To pass the Class D (Cars) road test, a candidate should get a maximum mark of 16/20.

This article will attempt to assist you pass the above test by pin-pointing some of the things you should avoid doing while undergoing the practical test.

1) Compulsory to wear seat belt.

A candidate forgetting to wear the seat belt receives a 5 marks deduction.

As 16 is the minimum marks for passing, this means instant failure for you.

2) Traffic lights near schools.

A traffic light can turn Red as you approach schools.

Irregardless whether there are students or not attempting to cross it, you have to stop.

Ignoring it means you Fail.

3) Stopping correctly at T-Junctions.

Ideally stop 2 metres from the stop line.

This allows you to see clearly both sides of the road.

You have to pull up your handbrakes.

Indicate which direction you intend to go.

Ensure that both sides do not have cars or vehicles coming, before you proceed out from the junction.

Traffic approaching while you’re attempting to cross the road means an instant failure.

4) Overtaking at double or single lines.

Overtaking at such places is much dislike by testers during tests.

Therefore, avoid overtaking at such places.

5) Driving with one hand during tests.

Driving with only one hand is not only dangerous.

It is not encourage at all.

It also denotes poor decorum.

As such, no matter how good you are, and irregardless whether you are better than the tester or otherwise, avoid using a single hand while doing your road test.

6) Giving way to pedestrians or cyclist attempting to cross the road.

Pedestrian and cyclists should always be given the right of way.

Accord them priority, should you wish to pass your practical test.

7) Avoid near misses or accidents.

Try not getting into accidents or even near misses.

People say, a miss is as good as a mile.

But during a practical test, in Malaysia especially, getting involved in a near misses, is as good as failing the entire exam.

8) Poor steering control.

Inability to control the steering well is no way to secure you a driving license.

Prove to the person testing you your confidence and ability to control the steering adeptly.

This would go a long way in helping you in your attempt to get a driving license.

9) Do not overtake vehicles during tests.

Be patient. You should not attempt to overtake other vehicles.

Remember you are on test.

If there are obstacles and other vehicles ahead of you, stop a safe distance behind them.

Overtaking on the left is allowed.

Only when the situation is safe and the traffic ahead is turning right.

Use proper indicators when doing so.

10) Using the indicators and rear / side mirrors.

As a driving instructor, it’s my opinion, a student who is incapable of using indicators, rear and side mirrors well, does not deserve to pass.

So, make sure you can use these items proficiently and adeptly when doing your practical test.

11) Be courteous and well mannered during tests.

I need not tech you the norms of being well mannered.

A “good morning” here and a “thank you” there goes a long way in helping you towards securing a driving license.

Upon reaching or arriving at the institute’s grounds, ask the tester politely, if he wishes to have the car engine switched off.

Follow his instructions.

These are some of the important items I can remember in my attempt to assist you to get a Class D driving license.

Hopefully I succeed in doing so.