How To Act When Seeing Driving School Vehicles

I am certain many motorists and motorcyclists do not seem to know how to react when they come across vehicles of driving schools or institutes and vehicles of J.P.J. authorities on test while on the road. Likewise many drivers do not know how to deal with “P” drivers too.

Meeting with public service vehicles such as buses and taxis may also pose a problem to some. And also how does one deal with the problem of heavy vehicles such as containers, tractors, cranes, trailers and bull dozers too. Finally, there is yet another question of how do we deal with vehicles which belong to the police, ambulances, fire department and custom department.

This article will therefore endeavor to explain how one deals with vehicles from driving school or institutes on the road.

Vehicles belonging to such entities should be easily recognizable to the public, especially to motorists and drivers in Malaysia. Most institutes and driving schools today use Perodua Kancils. A few however use Perodua Vivas. Some even use Protons. The majority of the above cars are white though.

All the cars above have large “L”, which are painted red and blue on them. Some driving school vehicles even have smaller “L” painted or pasted on the doors. The public should have very little trouble dealing with such cars on the road.

When meeting or coming across such vehicles on the road and you discover an instructor in the process of tutoring a student, you should consider that such a vehicle can potentially bring about a possible and dangerous mishap should you encounter with it.

The vehicle is in fact being driven by a student learning how to drive. The student is still not competent or good in handling a vehicle just yet. Some of the following things which you could observe are:
i) The vehicle is being driven very slowly.

ii) The vehicle can at times be driven at the side of the road. It may very well veer to the centre of the road too.

iii) It is rather possible that the above vehicle may even stall suddenly.

As a competent driver, you should adopt a few safety steps and moves when facing such a precarious situation. Amongst some of the measures that are suggested that you follow are:
i) Avoid following the vehicle in front too closely. It is dangerous!

ii) Ensure the distance with the vehicle in front is safe should the driving school vehicle stop suddenly.

iii) Do not horn at the driver who is learning how to drive. The would panic or frighten the poor student.

iv) Drivers are also requested not to show any uncalled for signs or obscene gesture. It would be ideal if you could possible adopt a patient attitude during such a situation.

I am fully aware it needs patience of steel from you. Please remember though, that there’s a saying, “Patience is a virtue”. Permit me to extend my gratitude and thanks in advance for showing me and my student the good side of you. We certainly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. In according us the above behavior, you denote to us that you are indeed a magnanimous person.

Let me implore you, as a driving instructor of over 40 years, do not overtake a driving school or institute vehicle on the left hand lane. Let me share with you am interesting tale which happened recently. It happened near Connaught Bridge in Klang.

A young Indian motorist overtook us on the left. As he came along side us, my female student veered unsteadily. As a result, we nearly ended up crashing into the said motorist.

Luckily, fast and instantaneous action from me prevented any incident from happening. The motorist became furious. He raised his fist into the air, glanced at us angrily and uttered a few obscene phrases.

He was obviously at fault. He should not have overtook us on the left in the first place. And yet, he was trying to blame us for it. A driving instructor’s task, let me tell you, can be very sickening indeed!

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  1. brian November 29, 2010 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    Hi, I need the process to registar a motorbkie whose registration has lapsed 7 years. I bought the bike from someone who told me everything was good, but it is not. I cannot ride the bike unless it is legal. Can you help?

    Thank you very much.

    • Cikgu Yap November 30, 2010 at 10:26 am - Reply

      A 7 years bike which has no road tax has to undergo Puspakom inspection first. Seek a driving school near your to assist you.

  2. Ester S. November 1, 2012 at 1:57 pm - Reply


    I would like to ask about L license. If I am holding a L license now and i am going Oversea for about 1 year. For what I know is the L license is valid for 2 years but I need to renew it every 3 months right? Is there a way that I can renew online? Or can I ask my parent to renew it in post office on my behalf?

    Hope can get reply soon!


    • Cikgu Yap November 1, 2012 at 11:36 pm - Reply

      Not necessary to renew L as you are not using it. The Highway Code however lasts 2 years.

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