Malaysian Driving Institutes Test Without Poles

Institutes That Do Not Use Poles Or Tiangs In Their Slope, Side Parking & 3 Point Turn Maneuvers

Quite recently, a regular reader of this blog, posed this question. How does one go about doing slope, side parking and 3 point turns without poles or tiangs?

A few articles have already been written on the above subject before. But it should be reiterated that in all of those articles, they have been written with reference to using poles only.

In case you are unaware, students who aspire to secure their Class D (cars) license have to perform the slope test, side parking and the 3 point turn maneuvers. The problem with this subject is that while some institutes use poles, others do not.

As a result, students who appear for their practical test at institutes that do not mark their side parking lots and 3 point turn areas with poles will obviously face problems or difficulties.

It should be reminded that not all students are the same. Better students may be able to cope with the problem of performing their slope test, side parking and 3 point turn aspect of their tests without the poles or sticks.

However, students who are weaker in the abilities will face some problems. The above has led to some readers of this blog writing in seeking my assistance.

For your information, the institutes at which I am attached to still use the old, traditional methods of poles and sticks to mark its slope, side parking lots and 3 point turns areas.

As such, while having refreshment with one of my experienced driving instructor friend, Mr. Chin of Sentosa Driving School, one of Klang town’s elite and well known driving institutions, made it a point to pose this problem to him to seek his advice.

You see, Mr. Chin’s institute to which he is currently attached to uses the new concept of not using poles in their practical tests.

First of all, I asked Mr. Chin regarding the slope test. In this aspect, 2 sticks are placed as usual on the yellow line measuring 20 – 24 inches on top of the slope. Students have to stop successfully on this line should they wish to pass their practical exam.

To assist you pass this slope test, I would like to advice you to see to it that your car right side mirror is in line with the 2nd pole placed on the right hand side of the slope.

Your ability to follow what I have recommended will ensure that your front tyres will land squarely on the yellow line, thus securing you a pass. How you then proceed up the slope is another problem altogether.

Coming down the slope, a candidate will then move into the side parking lots with no poles to mark it. To some, this might pose some problems.

Mr. Chin advises to follow the arrow painted on the ground as a source of guide. Reverse your car slowly, looking to your left side to see the front edge of the side parking lot.

When you observe the back of your car (the booth) in line with the front lines of the parking lot, stop. Turn left completely and jam your steering.

Next, put your head out of the window, reverse your car slowly until your car is at a 45 degree angle with the parking lot.

At 45 degree angle, stop. Then straighten your front tyres. Looking at your rear tyres, reverse slowly until your rear tyres touches the while line of the parking lot.

To go into the side parking lot, turn your steering complete to the right. Reverse your car approximately 80% into the parking lot. Next, turn your steering all to your left. Move the car forward until your vehicle is in line with the parking slot.

Then, put your right hand up to indicate to the tester you have completed your parking maneuvers. Your own driving instructor, I presume would have taught you how to come out from the parking lot. Follow his steps and I’m sure you will have no problem coming out from the side parking lot.

Make certain, as you come out from the parking lot, that you observe the front marking lines. Do not go beyond these lines as this might cause you to fail.

Finally, we move on next to the final aspect of your practical test, which is the 3 point turn.

Even though there are no sticks for you to observe, you will still be able to see the side lines of the 3 point turn area.

Drive slowly, keeping roughly 2 feet from the side line. Approximately 2 feet into the area, turn your steering completely to the right, stop about a foot from the right hand side line of the area.

Stepping on the brakes, turn your steering all to your left. Reverse your car to the back and stop one foot from the line at the back. Step on your brakes and then turn your steering completely to the right.

Engage 1st gear and slowly move forward out of the 3 point turn area and I’m certain your would have succeeded in passing this aspect of your practical test.

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  1. Teresa C. May 11, 2010 at 6:30 am - Reply

    Dear Cikgu Yap,

    I am glad that I stumbled on this interesting, informative and helpful guidance on driving.
    Also, thanks for more information on the 3 point turn.
    Glad also that there is such a helpful and dedicated driving instructor like your dad from the old school — still around and having you to help with and reach out to other new learners, etc., online.
    Thanks again. Have a pleasant day ahead.

    Teresa C.

    • Cikgu Yap May 12, 2010 at 9:41 am - Reply

      A million thanks for your very encouraging comment.

      Yes, you’re absolutely right regarding your observation. Without my son’s help, I believe this blog will be non existent.

      A pleasant day to you too!

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