I am unaware of other instructor’s dilemma, personally, I am most worried with regards to the question of vehicle inspection.

You see, a driving school vehicle, has to undergo a mandatory 6 month inspection by the Puspakom authorities. As reiterated, this inspection gives me much worry and apprehension.

On the 1st September 2010, the vehicle that is presently used for providing tuition to my students was scheduled to undergo its 6 monthly inspection. For readers’ information, even though vehicles belong to the individual instructors such as car in actual fact all use the institute’s logo and business permits.

It is the individual instructors that are responsible to carry out inspections that are needed to be carried out by the Puspakom authorities. It should be reiterated here that a failure to send a vehicle for its scheduled inspection will incur a penalty of RM200 by the J.P.J. authorities.

Should it be necessary to postpone a scheduled inspection by Puspakom, permission should be obtained from the authorities concerned. And a new date for the next inspection should then be set.

As vehicle registration cards, Puspakom inspection records of previous examinations and so forth, are in the hands of the institutes concerned, a driving instructor should therefore liaise with the office concerned to get the necessary papers ready for forth coming inspection.

Besides the above papers and documents, it is also necessary to obtain:

i) A letter of authorization permitting the instructor to submit the vehicle for inspection to the Puspakom authorities on the institute’s behalf.

ii) The original vehicle registration card should also be brought along.
Are the above records, documents and authorization letters the only things which have to be brought along?

As a matter of fact, there are actually many other things which the instructor must do to his vehicle prior to its being sent for inspection.

As the vehicle owned by me is a manual version of a 1999 Kancil model, one of the oldest vehicles possessed by the institute, it therefore has to undergo lots of repairs to enable it to pass the stringent Puspakom test it has to undergo.