The Right Dress Code When Attending J.P.J. Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu

English subject teachers used to tell me, “Clothes Maketh a Man”. In Form 1 or Tingkatan Satu then, certainly, I didn’t know what it meant.

To those who may be in the same boat as myself, permit me to then enlighten you. The above phrase actually means “a person can be judged by the manner in which he or she dresses”.

Today, the K.P.P. lectures are conducted solely by the Driving Institutes twice or thrice a week. What are K.P.P. (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) courses?

It’s a 5 Hour course, to be attended by would be drivers, prior to their sitting for the compulsory Highway Code test. After this, a student would then be issued the “L” license or L.D.L. (Learner’s Driver’s License) to learn driving.

J.P.J. or the Transport Department officials from Putrajaya, the head office of the Department, make regular visits to observe how the above K.P.P. courses are conducted.

To the lecturers, conducting these lectures, these are “spot checks”.

Upon carrying out such spot checks, amongst other, thing such as student’s registration, attendance and especially personal dressing by male and female candidates is emphasized strictly.

For the above purpose, in fact the J.P.J. has issued a “circular” pertaining to this. All institutes have to adhere strictly to this “code of dressing” or “Etika Berpakaian” if they so wish not to be penalized.

Students who wish to attend courses conducted by the institutes will have to ensure their attire commensurate to being well dressed and possesses no negative influences.

For both male and female candidates, below are some of the type of dressing that are recommended.

Male Candidates

1) Wear shirts with collar.

Not recommended are shirts without collar or sleeves. Shirts with negative motives are also not recommended.

2) Ideally wear long pants.

Short pants spotting negative motives are also not recommended.

3) Wear shoes.

Sandals and slippers are not to be recommended.

4) Well groomed hair.

5) Accessories.

Caps and decorative effects such as ear rings and chains are not allowed.

6) Prohibited items.

Hand phones, reference books and hand bags are items which are banned from being brought into the exam hall.


Female Candidates

1) Wear shirts with collar or sleeves.

T-shirt without collar or sleeves or with negative motives are disallowed.

2) Skirts.

Ideally the length should be below the knees. Short skirts are also not recommended as well. Skirts that possess “splits” at the front or sides are not to be too extreme.

3) Trouser.

Suggested long pants. Short trousers which have negative motives are not recommended at all.

4) Shoes.

Wear shoes ideally. Slippers are not at all recommended.

5) Accessories.

Caps are not recommended. That goes for other accessories as well.

6) Other banned items.

Reference material, hand phones and hand bags are prohibited to be taken into the exam halls.

With this article, it is hoped candidates who aspire to attend the K.P.P courses should be aware of the “dressing code” normally expected from potential candidates.

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  1. Amir May 8, 2012 at 7:14 am - Reply

    First of all thanks for information.
    I’m going to south Africa and I want to rent a car there can I use my Malaysian driving license there or not? I have to apply for international license.

    • Cikgu Yap May 10, 2012 at 11:43 am - Reply

      Yes you can. You could also apply for IDL if you wish to.

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