My Honest Review of the Elmark Bee Fan 36″ from Lazada Malaysia

Recently, I bought the Elmark Bee Fan 36″ from Lazada Malaysia.

The truth is, I actually saw the Elmark Bee Fan on display in an electrical shop in Kepong.

Elmark Bee Fan in Shop

Elmark Bee Fan on display

The Bee Fan on display in the electrical shop was selling at RM550. I didn’t buy from the shop that time because my daughter’s room renovation is not done yet.

Furthermore, the shop assistant wasn’t very friendly and I decided not to make the purchase.

Installing the Elmark Bee Fan

When I saw that Lazada Malaysia was selling the same fan and at a cheaper price, I was pretty happy.

I bought the black colour Bee Fan model for RM459 inclusive of delivery.

Since it was from a local supplier, I got my Elmark fan delivered within 2 days.

Generally, the fan installation was pretty simple.

Well, you’ll need 2 person for the job. One person to hold the fan and another person to lock in the nut on the ceiling fan hook.

Wiring is pretty simple also…but if you don’t have any knowledge on wiring works, I’ll suggest you hire an electrician to do the wiring for you.

Installing the Elmark Bee Fan

Elmark Bee Fan installed on ceiling

What Is My Verdict?

For a ceiling with short blades, it is pretty powerful!

At the lowest fan speed, it feels quite cooling in the room.

What I am impressed most is the LED lights on the fan. At the white light setting, it is enough to illuminate the entire room.

As with the remote control, it is very easy to use. Just press the On or Off button and select the fan speed.

All in all, I will give the Elmark Bee Fan 4 Stars for practicality and 4 Stars for cost.

If you want to buy the Bee Fan, click the link below to get it from Lazada Malaysia.

Click here to buy Elmark Bee Fan from Lazada

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