Except one or two things, it is more advantageous to ride a motorcycle compared to driving a car.

Yes, to ride a bike, one does require purchasing special attire. Goggles, leather jackets, jeans, leather gloves and knee length leather boots. This may cost quite a large sum of money, no doubt.

But reflecting about this object, in more detail, we discover that riding motorcycles especially in this country, Malaysia, bike riders do receive special privileges as compared to other motorists. As to whether or not these privileges are accorded to other bike riders in other Asian nations or not, or for that matter in other countries elsewhere in the world, is uncertain.

Let us now talk about some of the many perks and privileges Malaysian motorcyclists enjoy.

1. Low fuel consumption

For only RM3 – RM5, a bike can travel anything from 50-80 km distance. For an average wage earner, this is quite cheap actually. Compare this to a motorist who drives, you will surely see what is being implied.

2. Not necessary to pay toll

Today, toll booths exist practically everywhere. Paying toll fees can be quite a headache. But the motorcycle riders are exempted from paying tolls. They pay no tolls at all.

This represents one of the few ways the government is trying to alleviate the problems faced by the less fortunate members of our society. You see, the motorcycle is deemed a poor man’s means of transport.

3. Road tax

For your information, bikers have to pay only a low nominal sum for road tax. They pay only RM2 road tax per year. It’s actually as good as free, so to say.

But unfortunately, they have to fork out quite a sum to pay for insurance though. A first party motorcycle insurance policy can cost up to a RM200-RM300 year. Well, there is a limit as to what the government can do.

4. Driving licenses

Prior to this article are being written, motorcycle riders who possessed a class B2 license (250 c.c.), pay RM20 a year for driving license. With effect, 1 September 2009, riders of this mode of transport need only pay RM2.

The economic slowdown has without doubt affected the livelihood of the people. The poorer and lower strata seem to be affected quite badly.

So, the authorities have decided to help ease the suffering of the people, by announcing this recent decision. It augurs well for the lower income group of our society.

5. Cost of getting a driving license reduced (Class B2 -250 c.c.)

From approximately RM280-300, the Road Transport Department has issued a directive to all driving institute all across the country to lower the cost of getting a motorcycle license to the sum above. Whether the amount is enough to cover cost of operations is still uncertain. Whether the driving schools and institutes will abide by the decision made is another.

How to ensure the above price structure is followed or not, that it’s yet another bone of contention. But the new price appears to be good and ought to be applauded. The authorities caring attitude is magnanimous.

6. Bridge tolls

In some places, like the Penang Bridge, in the northern state of Pulau Pinang, tolls are collected from the motorists using this facility. Initially, motorcyclists need to pay toll too. But today, this has been waned to help ease the difficulties faced by the people who used motorcycles especially.

7. Parking is free

Cars pay RM0.50 per hour parking fees in most towns and cities all over the country. But for motorcycles, this amenity is provided free of charge. After all, motorcycles do not require too much space to park.

What further privileges and perks will the government introduce in the near future, it’s left to be seen. Therefore, when we say there are many advantages motorcyclists enjoy over those driving cars, it was not just saying, but actually a fact.