A Squirrel Lost In a Woman’s Blouse

Veterinarian’s Service That Was Most Uncalled For

I always enjoy a good story when I read one. Although I don’t laugh out a loud, but to tell you the truth, a smile breaks out on my face. You might say, that’s my way of appreciating it.

Early 6 am in the morning today, when the newspapers arrived, I read a rather interesting and amusing story.

Not sharing it with you, would be a waste really.

So, even though this story has little connection with the Malaysian driving industry, relating it to you, is something worth the while.

But first of all, in trying to retell the amusing episode, I have to attempt using my own words.

Not that I can’t use the original writer’s words whole sale, but that would what my lecturers advised, “plagarising”.

The interesting tale goes like this. A kindergarten teacher took her pet squirrel, which was having fever, to a veterinary clinic.

And you know what happened? She had her breasts allegedly groped by the veterinarian or animal doctor instead.

What an animal, you might say!

This tale was reported by Harian Metro.

The daily went onto say, the veterinarian asked the 27 year old woman, the pet owner, to place the squirrel in her blouse. To keep the animal warm. As it was having erratic body temperature.

However, the squirrel get stuck on her bra strap, when the 52 year old veterinarian asked her to take the squirrel out.

The “vet”, according to the report, saw the woman’s breasts, while helping her remove the squirrel.

And you know what? He started praising her figure. He then allegedly told the victim to take good care of her body and “beautiful breasts”.

He then took advantage by grouping and sucking the victim’s breasts. The victim struggled to release herself, before the doctor finally let her go.

The doctor then told the woman she need not pay for the squirrel’s treatment and asked her to come again.

The victim then decided to lodge a police report.

According to A.C.P. (Assistant Commissioner of Police), Encik Abdul Jalil Hassan, the veterinarian was arrested on Monday.

However, the squirrel referred to died shortly after returning home.

And why did the squirrel die?

Most probably after witnessing the “unwarranted” incident, I think.

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