Another Round Of Appreciation For Our Blog Readers

When this blog received a very encouraging comment from Mr. Carl of from England rather recently, I felt a new impetus to write further regarding all things pertaining to the driving school, especially in Malaysia.

To be fair, this is the 2nd time, if not mistaken, that the above company has taken the trouble to write in. Before continuing further, let it be known that I am not a writer at all in the first place. Only through the insistence of my son, Will Yap, did I finally agreed to set up this blog, the Driving School Malaysia Blog.

To say that there were no others from overseas, besides Mr. Carl who had written in to this blog would be an incorrect statement.

Mr. Mike Harmon, a renown economist from England and whose article I cherish to read from time to time, is yet another writer who has taken the trouble and time to pen in to this blog, with encouraging statements and comments.

A word of thanks should be accorded to him too.

To the above mentioned people and writers, I really appreciate what you people have done. It really encourages me greatly.

I’m more determined in my effort to continue doing what I’m currently doing, that is to write on topics regarding all things concerning driving so that my over forty years of experience as a driving instructor will not go to waste but instead benefit readers.

A few months back, the “half helmet” company from United States wrote in to provide this blog some valuable comments. To all readers of this blog, it should be reiterated that the half helmet company produces beautiful designed helmets especially for lady motor cycle riders and cops in America.

Many Malaysian readers too have not failed to provide their support and encouragement to this blog either. Mention should be made also of an ardent supporter and reader En. Wamaz, whom I gather must be an experienced and seasoned driving instructor.

To all those wonderful people, thank you and terima kasih. Your support and encouragements really spurs me on!

I’m not a mechanic by any means. But in the writing of this blog, I have little choice but to draw upon my experience albeit little, to write upon subjects such as radiator, transmission oil, how engines cannot start and many other mechanical things.

In places and areas where I may have erred, please do forgive me.

And to a well known and famous I should say mechanic a saudara “sofrd”, from Singapore I think, who wrote in quite a few months back to this blog to give some encouraging comments, a word of thanks should rightfully go out to you too.

Once again, permit to express my thanks and heartfelt appreciation. I am extremely honoured by all of your actions.

To reader “Jo”, who incidentally sells “posh” cars like Ferraris and Porches, also from Singapore, I presume, thank you so much. Your support will always be remembered and also appreciated deep in my heart.

For your info, I do from time to time cross over to Jo’s blog to read his interesting and colourful blog.

To all other readers whose names I am unable to quote except one, Yinsyn, who surprisingly said she liked my teacher’s comment regarding “stupid” students, a world of thanks for your unflinching support from this blog.

And finally, a word of thanks and appreciation once again to my son, Will Yap, who incidentally is the administrator and also responsible for typing all my articles, without you, this blog will not be where it is today…that is 1st in Google and Yahoo for the term “driving school Malaysia”.

Thank you very much. Arigato! Terima kasih! Rumba nandri!

To conclude this short article of appreciation of thanks, I wish to inform Mr Carl, that last Tuesday, the 12th of January 2010, my close buddy, Mr. Chin Yon Hook of Sentosa Driving School and myself were at the Transport Authorities Headquarters at Putrajaya to obtain the necessary forms to set up our intended driving school institute soon.

Bye and take good care. God bless!

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  1. Nitin December 27, 2011 at 10:17 am - Reply


    Thank you for the article. I recently came to Malaysia from India on employment here, so I thought of converting my Indian domestic license to Malaysia license. I submitted the forms and documents to JPJ Putrajaya but recently they informed me that the application for license conversion is rejected.

    But when I further enquired they told me that I can use the domestic license here to drive. So if I am in Malaysia for few years can I use my domestic license itself to drive here or should I apply for a Malaysia license through the driving schools here?

    • Cikgu Yap December 30, 2011 at 8:11 pm - Reply

      You can drive here with Indian license. To know if Indian license can be converted into Malaysian license, you’ll have to enquire from JPJ authorities in Putrajaya.

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