Driving School Malaysia Blog Introduction Video

Driving School Malaysia Blog Intro Video by willyap

Introducing The Driving School Malaysia Blog

It has been more than 6 months since I’ve created the Driving School Malaysia Blog. Since then the blog has been growing steadily. There are now more than 150 new daily readers.

As of today, there are close to 200 articles written by my father in this blog.

There are still many more articles waiting in my folder to be typed and posted in this blog. I will try to post one or 2 new articles a day on this blog.

The video above is something I just did to create a better awareness of this blog.

In the near future, I will include more video and audio recordings. My idea is to present the material in this blog in multiple media such as text, videos and MP3 podcast.

I hope you have been enjoying the information on this blog so far. More valuable information will be added…

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Will Yap

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