Genting 45th Anniversary Celebration For Its World Card Members

It has been 45 years since Genting Highlands casino resorts was launched by its founder the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong in 1965. And to commemorate its 45th anniversary, Resort World Genting as it known today is once again offering ardent World Card members rewards for their loyal support to the company.

True, supporters of the casino without doubt would have undoubtly lost a small fortune during their visit to the above casino prior to this offer being made. But to be fair to Genting Highlands, the resort does show its appreciation to its supporters a few times a year as it celebrates anniversaries, Merdeka celebration and even members’ birthdays by offering free rooms and show tickets at the well know Arena of Stars, Pavilion and even at times at its International Room.

Normal free rooms offered to World Card members are worth some RM240 – RM360. Standard and Deluxe rooms at First World Hotel which has some 6,666 rooms are anything from RM260 upwards.

Entertainment tickets for 2 at the Arena of Stars alone come to approximately RM150 each. Normally in most of its celebrations, the Resort World Genting provides this offer to World Card members and their spouses. In a way, it’s the Resort way of repaying staunch supporters for its loyal support all these years.

As the saying goes, it’s the members support to the Resort World Genting that has brought it to where it is today. For your information, the Genting Highlands shares are valued at RM7.87 in the Malaysian stock market today.

A few months ago, I remember quite vividly, the Resort made a similar free offer to World Card members of a Deluxe room at First World Hotel and buffet breakfast for 2 at the 18th Floor of the same hotel.

Readers must have read the article about my visit to the resort with my wife and my sister and her husband going on a 1 day 1 night free offer, but landed losing nearly RM1000 afterwards at the casino.

This time around, in collaboration with its 45th anniversary celebration, again the Resort World Genting is offering World Card members the following:

1) 18 GP or Genting Point for 2 pax a Stand Room at First World Hotel.

2) Concert tickets for 2 pax at the Arena of Stars.

3) Door gift.

4) Lucky draw.

5) Buffet breakfast.

All in all, there will be a total of RM88,888 worth of prices to be won, as claimed by its advertising committee.

The entertainment show at the Arena of Stars is scheduled for 8:00pm on the 2nd of February 2010. Me and my wife, who has a yen for watching singing entertainment, be it by local artists or well known personalities from Taiwan and Hong Kong will be there again this time.

The last entertainment show at the Arena of Stars featured Astro 333 station’s famous Chinese artists from Taiwan.

For readers’ information, I have already made my reservation early last week. As the date, 2nd February 2010 approaches, my wife and I will once again be looking anxiously ahead to 1 day and 1 night free holiday at the famous hill resort.

This time around, me and my wife will be wiser as we once again visit the casino after the entertainment show is over. Hopefully, we will succeed in our intended plan. Maybe this time around, we will leave our credit cards and ATM cards behind, as we visit the hill resort.

Plans are to travel up to the hill resort via Batang Kali and Rawang town. Once again, a scheduled stop at Restaurant Eat First in Rawang for some sumptuous lunch will be made before proceeding to the cable car station.

As usual, we intent to park our car overnight at this station and will travel up to the hill top by cable car. I still have free tickets for the cable car rides.

After a good night’s rest and much required sleep at one of the resort’s standard room at the First World Hotel, we will then adjourn to the buffet hall on the 18th floor to have our free buffet breakfast of eggs, jam, bread and butter, sausages, assorted cakes and Malaysian kuih, milk, fresh oranges and other assorted food and drinks, like we had the previous time we were at the resort last December.

As usual, we plan descending from the hill resort after breakfast around 9:30 am to 10:00 am. Traveling down once again to Batang Kali town and Rawang slowly and leisurely. We anticipate reaching our hometown of Klang at around 2:30 pm, that is after a 1 ½ hour journey.

In conjunction with Genting Resort World 45th anniversary this time, is also the pre Valentine room and dinner offer at RM99, plus the offer of a Deluxe Room free including buffet breakfast and a 3 course Valentine dinner at either the Hai Nan Restaurant or Hou Mei Restaurant.

But unfortunately, although the above offer sounds very attractive, nevertheless, as the Chinese New Year celebration is just around the corner, on the 14th of February 2010, most World Card members are busy making preparations to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

As such, the offer may have to be overlooked this time around. What a waste indeed!

Whatever it is, World Card members do appreciate Resort World Genting’s wonderful offer this 45th anniversary! May we see further and better offers to come in the future times ahead from the hill resort of Genting Highlands!

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