Indonesia Group Benteng To Wage War Against Malaysia

“Sastera Indonesia” was one of the papers I chose to do while pursuing my studies in Pulau Pinang way back in the 1970’s. “Atheist” and “Sendja Di Jarkarta” were amongst some of the interesting books I read.

While P.Ramlee is considered one of Malaysia’a top singer, I like the style of Broery Marantika. Try listening to him at 12 o’clock midnight, singing “Suatu Malam Di Kuala Lumpur”.

If you happen to be a romantic person, you’ll surely know what I mean.

Little wonder, even one of our most well known singer (no name mentioned) was even married to this man, once upon a time.

You can therefore conclude, even as a Chinese, I’m slightly pro Indonesia. I have great respect for Rudy Hartono and Taufik Hidayat. Even Sukarno and Raden Adjeng Kartini.

When people imitate you, you should feel flattered. If people want to learn your language or adopt your culture, you should be extremely proud of it.

So, when I heard about the volunteer vigilante group from Indonesia known as the “Benteng Demokratic Rakyat” (Bendera) intention to wage a war against Malaysia, I was extremely perplexed and saddened.

According to its coordinator, Mustar Nona Ventura, some 1,300 volunteers, including 50 medical personnel would soon depart for Malaysia between 10th October and 22nd October 2009.

And for what purpose, you might ask?

To attack Malaysia!

Why to attack Malaysia of all countries?

If you say to attack United Sates of America, I can well understand. But Malaysia?

For those who are yet unaware, this group wants to wreck vengeance on Malaysia for stealing their culture and abusing their maids. Has the above group ever heard of human rights entities existing all over the world today? Obviously not.

Indonesia, under the Sukarno regime, quite some years back, did launch a “Ganyang Malaysia” or “Destroy Malaysia” campaign, when Malaysia was to be formed in 1963.

I vividly remember how thousands of Indonesian paratroopers air lifted into the “pineapple estates” of Batu Pahat and Mersing districts.

So the present group from the Benteng Demokratik Rakyat, who intent to infiltrate into Malaysia soil via Sabah and Sarawak, with “primitive” weapons like bamboo, spears, sticks and parangs appears to be like an April Fool’s joke.

But the biggest joke is you know what?

Malaysia being accused of stealing Indonesian culture and abusing their maids.

My cousin’s Indonesian maid just returned from Indonesia after the Raya vacation, 3 days ago. Would she have returned to Malaysia had we Malaysians treated her unfairly and unjustly?

Mustar Nona Venture, please come to your senses. Don’t waste your time sending your volunteer forces to invade our beloved country.

Instead send them to the recently tsunami stricken areas!

Please realize, even God is angry. Don’t make him angrier!

And Malaysians all races will pray day and night that no other tsunami befall your country!

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