My Father’s Spirit Came Back To Talk To Us Part 2

In my earlier article entitled “My Father’s Spirit Came Back To Talk To Us“, the article stopped with the arrival of my father’s spirit at the temple. Permit me to correct a few mistakes made.

In my earlier article, I made the mistake of saying my father’s spirit was the first to request the temple authorities to liaise with its family. This is in fact incorrect.

In fact, the first in reality was the case of a business man who was murdered at the Pandamaran Rest House while bathing in a bath tub. The story unfolds that the businessman owed people lots of money. Although he won on the “Four Digits” a sum totaling over RM200,000, he was unable to repay all his debts. Having died, he claimed he was murdered.

He attempted his utmost best to reveal his unfortunate death caused by his enemies. Whether those responsible were eventually caught or otherwise, I am unaware.

Now, reverting back to my father’s tale. On his arrival as I mentioned, he was wailing, sobbing and screaming away. The sight was frightening. My father revealed that in fact he was walking since earlier in the day.

He claimed he was in pain. His body was aching . He had burns all over. He advised us none of us family members should ever, in future revert to “cremating” upon death. It was a painful process.

When told he opted for it himself.

Nonetheless, it was a slow and painful process. He wish to inform one and all, on the day my father was cremated, in fact there was a breakdown in one of the burners. This would have caused the cremation process being slowed down.

Father then informed us in a slow, feeble voice that his body ached all over. He told us he was now being looked after by his elder brother, a bearded man. We have never set us on this man mentioned.

Other relatives later attested we in fact did have an uncle in the family as described. My uncle had died years ago.

When asked the manner he chose to communicate with use, he replied that was the only way in which he could speak to us.

Having died suddenly and not being able to talk (he had a throat operation), we were told now that he needed a “sarung”, singlet and his spectacles.

These were the things he did not bring along upon his death.

Father proceeded to advise family members we should stay united. He said he knew we as brothers weren’t too united as a family. He even said mother was sick and had a weak heart.

Very soon he said, he would be taking her with him. We should look after mum well. She should be allowed to eat whatever she wanted. She wouldn’t have long to live.

All of us were shocked . Having just lost our beloved father just recently, the news that mother will soon follow suit was too difficult to accept. We all begged our father to help extend my mother’s lifespan.

To this, he gave no guarantee.

Another thing, which would add to this tale’s authenticity is when father revealed, after his death, he came back to my youngest brother house to see things over. He could not come to my house as I owned a dog.

Spirits we were told, are afraid of dogs barking.

One day the following week, the temple authorities set a date to hold a ceremony for the offering of things requested by my father’s spirit. One week later, through a trance, we were informed all offerings made failed to reach my father.

Other wayward spirits so it seems had scrambled away our offerings.

Another offering was conducted later. This time, offerings made were received safely. Many years have now gone by.

Everything seems normal. Occasionally, a few family members still have dreams regarding my dad. That’s normal I suppose.

To be frank, I have never related this story to anyone outside my immediate family. Why you might ask me. Because I always ask myself, “Who would ever believe me?”

As this strange and “bizarre” tale winds to a halt, I if I may tell you this. At the time my father’s death, we owned a dog named “Doggie”.

After my dad’s passing away, it became restless, whining most of the time and howling eerily, especially with the approaching of the night.

Eerie you may say. But it really did happened!

A Siamese “bomoh” auntie, a friend of ours, finally eliminated this problem by advising us to tie a red ribbon around Doggie’s neck.

This terminated the perpetual howling of the animal.

It was as if even my dog was aware – his master had passed away.

It was as if it was doing its duty to its master after all. Like us, it was mourning for its master, who had passed away.

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