Performing Good Deeds & Contribution To Society

Many people forget their roots. They go on and become arrogant. They change. They tend to forget who they were before they became famous and well known in society. When they come into power and hold the reins of authority, they react and behave differently. They become a different person altogether.

I am writing about a certain personality and a political figure, who was reported to have gone to the extent of putting up his name extensively at public places and parks. This amounts to a show of arrogance!

I am of the opinion that there is nothing wrong for one to wish that people remember and appreciate them for the good and contributions to society. But, would it not be better for the public to remember them voluntarily, rather than having to resort to what the said personality has done?

Allow me to refer you back the case of the surau project that I wrote in my last article that was built by the establishment I once worked with a few years ago.

One day, my colleague friend, a Encik Jaffar, went around to collect further donations from the staff when he discovered that donations received had not met with expectations. Inspite of his appeals, no staff member came forward to offer new donations.

Encik Jaffar in fact became rather annoyed and dissatisfied due to the cool response. In fact, the staff could not be faulted. It was the middle of the month then. Funds were low and pay day was 15 days away!

I could feel and understand Encik Jaffar’s anger and tried to diffuse the tense and explosive situation then, by inquiring if a non Muslim like myself could contribute further to the surau donation campaign.

Upon donating RM150 to the above donation drive, Encik Jaffar insisted on putting my name down onto the donor’s list. I, in reality had wanted to remain anonymous. I did not want my donation to be mentioned, if possible. That’s was the way I wanted things to be.

Upon Encik Jaffar’s insistence t place my name on the donor’s list nonetheless, he finally made the decision to place my name down as “sumbangan daripada hamba Tuhan” or “donation from one God’s citizen”.

The above arose simply because I did not wish people to know about the donation which I had made. I had wanted to remain anonymous. After all, the above donation was only a pittance and no mention should in fact be made of it at all.

With this article, it is hoped that those who read it will be able to obtain some good advice from it. Do good deeds by all means. But one should always remember not to expect anything in return.

To do good and help people should be termed as part of our duty in life. That’s what all religions teach us to do. If in the process of performing good deeds and contributions to society, and we are then remembered by society itself, well and good. If not, just consider it as a duty which we have to perform to society.

Avoid embossing our names on benches, gazebos, playground equipment in public places and parks, just because we wish people to remember what we have done. Because that’s not the way to make people remember us. We should try to be humble where ever possible.

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  1. D December 29, 2010 at 11:27 am - Reply

    how if i have a summon from JPJ due to expired driving license and i didnt go to the court coz i havent renewed my driving license coz i have warrant of police traffic but now i have settled my traffic summons. how do i want to settle the JPJ summon now? please help thank you.

    • Cikgu Yap December 31, 2010 at 11:52 am - Reply

      You seem to have 2 summonses. Once from the traffic police and the other from JPJ. You have to settled the police summons, well and good. Regrading JPJ summons, go to JPJ and get a copy for it. Most likely, the JPJ will allow you late payment of the above summons.

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